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The Many Advantages of Autodialer Software for Call Center Operations

TechnologyThe Many Advantages of Autodialer Software for Call Center Operations

Talk about call center softwareand the most common features that come to mind are predictive dialer, skill-based mapping, automatic call distribution, and WebRTC phone feature in recent versions. Auto dialer software is another component that is not given the importance and recognition it deserves. You will not know just how useful it is until you use a call center solution that lacks this feature. 

What the auto-dialer does

The autodialer’s function, in essence, is simple. It automates the outbound dialing part of an outbound campaign. Its function is to simply fetch phone numbers of leads from the CRM and dial that number. If a person picks up the phone, the call connects to the agent. If it goes into an answering machine, the call terminates. Once it detects a person at the other end, it can play a pre-recorded message or connect the agent to the target. How does this feature hold advantages for call center operations? 

Manual dialing is laborious and time-consuming

Pick a list of numbers from your CRM and assign it to the autodialer. It does the rest while agents spend time in productive interaction with target leads. If it were a manual process, they would have to pick a number, dial it and wait for the target to pick up the phone. It is frustrating if the call goes through to an answering machine or when they get a busy tone. Agents can handle more calls with higher closure rates. Intelligent auto-dialers are smarter. They can sense when an agent on a current call is nearing the end of the conversation in the current call and dial out a number. By the time the agent finishes one call, the next one is ready. 

An agent working in a call center has this to say: “The auto dialer really makes a difference to the way I work and how much I can achieve. It is a chore to dial numbers and then wait for the call to connect, deal with wrong numbers, and with answering machines. With the auto-dialer, I do not have to dial and get down straightaway to talking business. It improves my mood and the way I interact with targets.”

Call scheduling and dynamic caller ID

These two features of the auto-dialer can work in tandem. Agents or managers can prepare lists according to location, thereby picking the best time to call targets. This reduces the chances of call rejection. The dynamic caller ID sets the caller ID according to the location of the called person giving that person a feeling that the call is local. The result is that call centers show a higher rate of conversion. It also gives agents a feeling of achievement and consequent satisfaction. 

Segregate unproductive numbers 

Without the auto-dialer feature, an agent would have to call each number in the list and then mark off numbers that are not productive. The auto ialer automatically detects and segregates fax numbers and numbers with DND or those numbers that persistently respond with answering messages. The result is that agents spend time only on calls with a higher percentage of success, which reflects on their performance and that of the call center. 

Real-time monitoring and recording

Supervisors can monitor calls in progress, listen in, and guide agents where necessary. The call recording feature can be accessed as a training tool to help agents know if they are spending too much time and the errors they can avoid. Confidence level increases, and so does agent performance. 

Working with IVR

It is not necessary to involve agents in a primary outbound campaign when you are collecting leads. You can program the call center software to use the autodialer and IVR to dial calls and let targets respond using appropriate key presses. Should a target wish to talk with an agent, a keypress will get him there, and the agent can handle only those calls that have better chances of conversion. The contact center software connects such inbound responses to the agent’s desk phone or mobile phone. This combination helps call centers to initiate and implement multiple campaigns with a limited workforce. 

EmJay Services run call center operations on a tight budget, and fast, high throughput is necessary to show profits. They chose call center software with intelligent IVR and intelligent autodialer to ramp up campaigns with a small workforce of trained agents. “We pay more, we get more work done, and our clients are happy,” said the owner. 

When you have an auto-dialer feature in your call center software, it is like having an assistant for each agent to take care of the laborious work. Think of all the money you save on paying such assistants and all the extra revenues your agents can generate with higher throughput rates. It is an investment that pays for itself, provided you get the right autodialer to suit your operations. 

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