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Best Netsuite Tips You Will Read This Year

TechnologyBest Netsuite Tips You Will Read This Year

The pace with which the technology is advancing is quite impressive. This advancement is also paving the way for businesses to maximize the operations, which will be leading to profits. With that, the NetSuite is another enterprise resource planning software that is designed for finance, operations, and customer services. The NetSuite offers the power and flexibility to business owners to carry out the complex tasks within some clicks. Many businesses are shifting the business management operations to the software because of the depth customization and variety of choices. With the wide coverage of sales, marketing, inventory, and customer relations, NetSuite is the prime choice of many businesses.

With the variety of functionalities, the software is quite difficult to get attached to. Even intermediate users face difficulties with comprehensive features and options. After being acquired by Oracle, the company narrowed down the complex interface to offer maximum accommodation for rookie users. But still, working on the NetSuite is a confusing and dithering experience for the new users.

Moreover, many expert users are unaware of the capabilities of the software. For that, let’s discuss some best NetSuite tips that you will hear this year.

Emailing Multiple Addresses

Many users were found to be scratching their heads over why some of their clients didn’t receive the email. Well, it is a bit tricky but you will get the hang of it soon. The NetSuite software comes with add-ons for extra features. Without the add-ons, the NetSuite can automatically send the emails for customers’ invoices, offers, transactions, and orders. However, if you want to send these emails manually, then you will need the customer relationship add-on.

After installing the add-on, you will have to add all the recipients you want to receive the email. For that, you will be allowed with the “Copy Others list” option to add the recipients. You can also add the emails manually by separating them with semicolons into the “to” field.

Aesthetic Colors Outlook

Seriously, you don’t want to miss out on that one. The new NetSuite comes with aesthetic color themes for eye-catching outlook. The color appeal is important for user engagement with any system. Plus, adding the colors of your company strengthens the brand and its importance in the house.

You can add the theme with the color of your business to increase productivity on the system. For that, click the “Home” icon on your dashboard. Then find the “Set Preferences” option. From there, you can find the “Appearance” section where you can mix the colors to your choice.

Giving Roles In Implementation Setup

The NetSuite is a multi-user software that enables access for multiple users at the same time. Many users are not aware of the NetSuite features to give roles for multiple users with functionalities limitations. Roles management is important to get the maximum out of the resource planning systems. At first, you will have to assign the roles to different users. Then you will have to define what data and features must be allowed to these users.

Once you assigned the roles, you will need to test out the roles permission for each member. Simply copy the URL from one role and test it against another. The NetSuite will notify you which role needs the permissions.

Dashboards Personalization

The NetSuite dashboard allows great flexibility for user personalization and adaptation to business management. For instance, you are using the dashboard for financial management. The dashboard provides key shortcuts, key performance indicators, and saved searches for faster financial operations. Most importantly, the NetSuite gives you the opportunity to build the functions shortcuts on the dashboard.

Not only that, but you can also export the dashboards for the particular role. This gives the ease to the multiple users who are working on different roles but on a similar system. Any user can export the dashboards personalization for their specific role, and then import it for later.

Utilize Chart Of Accounts

Chart of accounts is the key to the accounting process. They give an explanation of the assets, expenses, and liabilities of the company. It is very important to monitor the financial details of the company through the comprehensive use of the chart of accounts. For that, the NetSuite allows the user to add multiple details to the chart showing money spent or received.

For instance, while creating a new account, adding the external ID for the general ledger account number will provide assistance for tracking. Apart from the tracking, adding the accounts payables and receivables gives a clear overview of the health of the company. The Oracle also recommends the accountants for making segments for their quarterly reporting rather than creating separate accounts for each entity.

Using Workflows Rather Than Suitscripts

The NetSuite was primarily focused on the suite script platform, which is built on JavaScript for automation in business management. Since not everyone can work on the suite script, Oracle introduced NetSuite Workflows to perform the manual tasks without any scripting. With the NetSuite workflows, also called suite flow, you can design custom business processes for your own needs.

There is no need to write scripts and start worrying about the unrealistic results. The workflows offer the point-and-click graphical interface to choose the options that are tailored for your business processes.

Using Netsuite Mobile

Many professionals recommend using NetSuite mobile for continuous reporting on the go. First, the NetSuite mobile is the faster and quickest way to get notified about the processes and transactions. Secondly, you can receive instant details about the expenses reports and sales data. Expenses details are important to keep track of the entries. Plus, these expenses details encourages one to make expenses reports, thus eliminating the entry errors in the final report.

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be designed by the own user needs and the type of business process. Every business has its setup in a place where they need to store customer data. With the NetSuite custom CRM fields, you can map out the customer data that is valuable to the company.

Simply go to the customization option on the dashboard, select the Lists. In the lists, find the custom fields that suites the best for your data.

Final Words

In short, there are many options in the NetSuite system that enables effective operations for your business. It is always advised to invest in the right add-ons and tools that tailor and catch up with your customer data. On the other side, you can always find different resources and manuals to get the most out of the system. 

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