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6 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers

Automotive6 Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers

Buying your first car can be an important and exciting decision because a car is a form of self-expression rather than something that is just bought for its utility. Hence, what constitutes the ‘right car’ varies from person to person, depending upon various factors such as age, lifestyle, and purchasing power. Some of the factors considered can be brand name, reliability, or space.

Some people get their first car in their teenage year’s thanks to their parents, while others get it once they have graduated and have enough money on hand. However, most people prefer their first car to be, a used one to avoid the risk of losing their investment in the learning stage. With teenagers, parents are more concerned about the safety aspect. In 2017, there were around 1793 reported road deaths in Great Britain. Older cars are more prone to accidents because of poorer maintenance and fewer safety features as compared to the latest cars. 

It would be better for you to opt for a patrol car than a diesel one because diesel ones are usually more fuel-efficient for longer distances, which is less likely if you are a newbie at driving. Some other factors that you can take into account include user-friendly controls, light steering, and good visibility. 

Best Used Cars for First Time Drivers

Finding the best-used car may not be an easy task. Here is a list of the best used cars for first-time drivers that you can take into consideration. 

1. Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your first car, then Ford Fiesta is perhaps the best choice. It is especially best for teenagers because of the safety aspect. The car comes with the MyKey system that allows parents to control the maximum speed of the car and also Stereo volume. Additionally, it has seven airbags and an optional auto brake system.  

The Ford Fiesta is not only comfortable and fun to drive; it is also spacious and comes with a SYNC voice activation system so you can show off in front of your friends.

2. Vaux Hall Corsa

Vaux Hall Corsa

This small size car is easy to drive and manoeuvre for a newbie. At low speeds, the steering wheel is quite light. Moreover, its turbocharged 1.0-litre engine makes it fuel-efficient and hence easy on the pocket. As far as safety is concerned, the Corsa comes with six airbags and an electronic control system that helps you easily recover from skids. Optional features also include an automatic brake system that works if the car senses you are about to run into another vehicle.

The updated versions also come with Vauxhall’s IntelliLink touchscreen entertainment system, the layout is user-friendly, the software responds quickly, and you can add more apps for extra functions. 

 3. Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

If you are looking for a compact car with good mileage and a reasonable price, then you should probably opt for Chevrolet Spark. Do not mistake its small size for less space; you can easily accommodate 4-5 friends in the vehicle.

The interior is simple, and all the controls are within reach. The LS model comes with air conditioning, six airbags, and a central locking system. The LT version, on the other hand, comes with a standard electronic stability control system. The controls are light, and the car is quite easy to drive, especially around cities and towns. 

4. Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat Grande Punto

Stylish and affordable, Fiat Grande was designed by Giugiaro, an Italian who did an amazing job at giving the car a sporty yet mature look. Fiat Grande is one of the most suitable cars for British roads because of its smooth drive. The interior is not quite extraordinary. However, one of the most interesting features of this car is the ‘city’ button, which is useful when you are driving at a low speed or parking. With the city button on, the steering wheel feels quite light and is easy to maneuver. 

The New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), which rigorously tests cars to provide drivers with independent car safety performance, has given five stars to the car so parents can easily trust the vehicle with their teenagers. 

5. Toyota Aygo Hatchback 2014

Toyota Aygo Hatchback 2014

With an eye-catching and funky design, Toyota Aygo is one that is suitable for youngsters. The car has ample room and storage space. The basic model comes with a central touch screen and steering wheel controls. The mid-range models also come with Bluetooth range connectivity. It has easy-to-use controls, a big central speedometer and a digital rev counter that match the car’s contemporary style. 

As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the Aygo gives a mileage of 68.9 miles per gallon. The car is also quite environmental friendly as it emits only 95 gm of CO2 per KM. The light steering wheel and a reverse camera make it easier to drive and park. 

 6. SEAT Mii hatchback

SEAT Mii hatchback

The narrow grill, huge headlights, and unique taillights differentiate the SEAT from other cars. The small city car is a perfect first car for young drivers since it has ample space to fit 4 people and enough boot room. Moreover, the passenger seat can split and fold so you can fit in more luggage. The interior is quite simple and elegant. The controls are well-positioned and easy to use. 

As far as safety is concerned, the Mii has been awarded a five-star rating by the EURO NCAP. The specs are quite basic; for the entry-level models, you get Bluetooth only with a portable system. The car, however, is quite suitable for small journeys. 

Buying a car is a high involvement process and hence should be taken after much thought since it is an important asset. While style and exterior looks are no doubt an important factors, you should also take safety features into account. Also, you should know your car worth in terms of its resale value in case you need to sell it immediately. 

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