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5 Can-Am Defender Accessories for Greater Comfort Protection and Performance

Can-Am has incorporated new parts to its accessories lineup. Its list of particular components and accessories has dramatically expanded with new products like Rugged radios, S&B Filters, and Kolpin. Can-Am has acted on consumer feedback and upgraded its protection kits and bumpers for its new Defender vehicles. The new Defender cab has updated cab enclosures and doors. And now, you can find numerous Can-Am defender accessories, like Hardcab Enclosures, Accessories/Racks, Bumpers, Skid Plates, and Front and Rear Windshields from a reputable online retailer. So, below are some crucial accessories that will enhance your Defender’s comfort, protection, and performance. 

Front Square Tube Bumper

The front bumper protects the UTV from trail debris and branches. When traveling through uneven terrain, your Can-Am Defender can come across loads of dangerous obstacles. So you must look into accessories like front bumpers that keep the front part of the machine safe from large boulders and trees. Some good functionalities of the bumper consist of a seamless bolt-up installation that doesn’t need you to drill or cut. The textured black powdered coating also provides exceptional protection.

Winch Accessory

winch is one of the most valuable Defender accessories. You can find a 4500-pound winch loaded with synthetic rope rather than wire cable. It’s the latest design and is rock solid, which is needed to pull your Defender out of the tight spot. Meanwhile, you can find several good deals on it online.

Roof Basket

These are made of marine-grade aluminum, and they have a matt black textured finish. The roof basket is durable and lightweight, and you can use it to haul whatever you require for duck blind or to your nearest repair shop. These racks are easy to install and are precut. Thus, they enable a seamless installation of flush mount LED lights. They also have precut holes with inserts, and you can use them for covering the holes if you do not require light. 

Skid Plates

Skid plates are a must-have accessory for all UTV owners who prize their investments. As such, some of the defining features of the skid plate accessory include recessed bolt holes for flushed hardware, which paves the way for a smooth finish and lap joint interlock for a complete underbody coverage. It also has a 2” lip on the front or both sides in-built to the central skid piece, which offers additional protection to the machine’s frame.

Half Windshields 

They are one of the most in-demand Defender accessories, and you can choose from a variety of styles. A half windshield is a good option as it deflects the wind. It thus cuts down on the winds that hit your face on cold morning rides. However, they still let air come in. Meanwhile, Can-Am’s half windshield is made out of laminated polycarbonate. So, you can be assured of its durability. Such deflectors fit securely with a seal, and they can also easily bolt on with brackets. At present, there is a wide assortment of windshields available. So, ensure to shop around patiently till you find one that meets your needs.

You can find a package of Can-Am Defender accessories starting from $2.149 from an online retailer. Such a retailer provides free shipping on all the accessories within the continental US. They also provide great international shipping options. You also get a one-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

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