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Can I Hand Wash My Cashmere Scarf?

FashionCan I Hand Wash My Cashmere Scarf?

If you are a cashmere lover, there is no doubt that you will have basic knowledge about the properties of cashmere scarf. I know you’ve already figured out that cashmere scarf is quite delicate and luxurious. And on top of that, the cashmere scarf is also considerably expensive when compared with other winter scarves. That said, I’m sure you are worried if you can hand wash your cashmere scarf, right? Well, washing cashmere scarfs can sometimes be daunting. And if you are wondering whether to hand wash your Ovcio cashmere scarf or not, then you are not alone. So, sit tight and let’s get to the truth of the matter.

Can I wash Cashmere Scarf?

Yes, of course! Your cashmere scarf will need to be washed from time to time. Typically, there are two ways to clean your cashmere scarf properly:

1.    Take the Cashmere Scarf to Professional Dry Cleaning

The very first way is by taking your cashmere scarf or cashmere wrap to your local dry cleaning shop. Without a doubt, they are professionals and they will be able to handle your cashmere scarf with care. However, before leaving your 100% cashmere scarf to the professionals, talk to them and ask if they have any experience with cashmere.

2.    Hand Wash Your Cashmere Scarf

Yes, you can actually wash your Ovcio cashmere scarf yourself. But there are a few steps to follow when washing your cashmere wrap:

  • Start by carefully hand washing your scarf with a delicate shampoo, for instance, baby shampoo. 
  • Next, soak the cashmere scarf in cold water (Word of advice; don’t ever use hot water when cleaning your cashmere wrap) and then you can gently wash the item. Don’t scrub or even stretch when you are washing it. Just easily massage your way through the stains on the cashmere scarf.
  • Don’t twist or wring the cashmere scarf since this will likely damage it. Also, don’t put your cashmere scarf into the dryer since it will likely shrink and damage. On top of that, heat is very bad for your cashmere outfit. However, you can use an iron to remove the creases but you will have to put it at low heat.

Don’t leave Just Yet

Now that you’ve learned how to clean your cashmere scarf through hand washing, it’s imperative that you also take care of your cashmere wrap. Aside from dust and sweat, your shawl will also have to deal with Pilling; the formation of small balls in areas with high levels of friction. This is a completely natural process that happens to every cashmere fabric.

Dealing with Pilling

This is a natural phenomenon that you will deal with especially if you are a fan of a 100% cashmere scarf. When you hand wash your cashmere wrap, you will be able to reduce this effect. Additionally, a professional dry cleaner can also help curb pilling in your cloth.

Storing your Cashmere Scarf

To ensure that all is well, we need to talk about the storage of your cashmere scarf. Store your cashmere scarf in a drawer or closet. You should also make sure that the place of storage is completely dry and clean before storage.

A good tip that you can use during storage is wrapping your cashmere scarf in a tissue paper or even a breathable cotton bag. That way you will reduce the dirt that might fall in your cashmere scarf during storage.

Taking care of your cashmere scarf will be worth the effort since with proper care, the good quality cashmere scarf will last for a decade. Remember to give your cashmere scarf some break from time to time so the scarf will remain in good shape.

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