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Choose the best VPN for your personal use

TechnologyChoose the best VPN for your personal use

PureVPN and NordVPN Everywhere is heavy competition among products and services. But users will purchase only products that satisfy their demands at a reasonable price. How can you differentiate products? If you are in trouble in choosing the best technology like VPN service or provider then don’t worry about it. We are here and giving you a comparison between the most famous companies named NordVPN and PureVPN. So, if you want to choose the best then read this article carefully because here you will able to find every solution to your question for NordVPN and PureVPN. Here you can see services that both the companies are offering and decide late which one is the best VPN for users. Both of the VPNs are best and amazing but you have to choose one of them for taking the service of VPN. So, for confused users, we are here and providing the best differentiate of NorVPN and PureVPN.

Difference between PureVPN and NordVPN

Let us discuss the difference between NordVPN and PureVPN.

Price offering by PureVPN and NordVPN

Here you will get PureVPN is cheaper than NordVPN. Yes, if you go with PureVPn then you have to pay $2.91 per month and if you go with NordVPN then you have to pay $3.49 per month. Well, both the providers are offering affordable rates with many features. Here PureVPN offers 10 multi logins rather NordVPN offering only 6 connections. Here you will also, get a money-back guarantee but both the companies are offering the same. In PureVPN, you will get 31 days money-back guarantee rather than NordVPN giving 30 days money-back guarantee. So, it is not big issues and that’s why both the providers are providing the best services with almost the same money-back guarantee period. You can get NordVPN at discounted prices using NordVPN coupons available on the internet across various offer providing platforms.

Speed Result

NordVPN and PureVPN almost deliver the same speed on average. On average, PureVPN is able to deliver 26.01 Mbps download speed and NordVPN is able to 24.91 Mbps download speed. So, both the providers are competing with each other very well and you can get a very genuine speed with both the provider. If you want speed then it doesn’t matter you with PureVPN or NordVPN because both are almost equal in providing the highest speed to its users.

Servers over the world

This difference is really very amazing because NordVPN has 5700+ servers in 59 countries. On the other hand, PureVPN has 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. So, here PureVPN holds the advantage of cover more areas in terms of located servers, and NordVPN are located as fewer countries but in a heavy range of servers. Also, many networks of PureVPN are virtual whereas NordVPN is using physical servers. So, here simply NordVPN is the winner and better than PureVPN.


Both the providers are compatible with many devices but if we talking about one then PureVPN is more compatible with devices and offers apps for a variety of platforms and operating systems. So, if you go with PureVPN then you can use this at many devices.

Customer Support

Every customer wants a very brilliant and talented support team whenever any issue or problem creates. So, if you want to live chat then both the providers are offering live chat options with a good response time. Also, you will get an option to contact the support team via email support. You can also get detailed guides and tutorials for setup on their official websites. So, if we talking about only one then it is difficult to choose one of them. Both are very genuine and providing equal service and customer satisfaction.

Bandwidth Limit

A VPN may impose a Bandwidth limit. When you pay for your VPN then you should get a limit. But, here both the providers are providing service with no Bandwidth limits. However, a VPN limits an account that use more amount of Bandwidth or making too many network sessions. So, PureVPN restricts those accounts that making 200 network sessions per day but NordVPN does not restrict any account whatever if they use more Bandwidth or making more network sessions.


PureVPN is look more well and beneficial for users in comparison to NordVPN. Here you will get a tie in many categories but if we think about best then PureVPN is almost look better than NordVPN. First, PureVPN offers a very genuine price for their products and services where NordVPN offers amazing service but at a higher price than PureVPN. After price, the one thing that peoples want in their VPN is speed. So, in comparison to speed almost both the providers are equal and giving a very genuine speed. After that, if we talking about servers over the world then PureVPN is a cleanly winner here. Because PureVPN is located there fewer servers over many countries over the world. But NordVPN has located its more servers in fewer countries. The compatibility of both the providers are the same and customer support is best in both. So, here we have done almost everything related to PureVPN and NordVPN. Set your goals and objectives and choose one of them then PureVPN is best from our research.

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