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Christmas Promotion Ideas For Better Sales

BusinessChristmas Promotion Ideas For Better Sales

As Christmas is just around the corner, it is an excellent time for all the businesses to leverage this week full of gifts, happiness, and Santa for better sales. However, it is essential to keep in mind that certain types of ads do better at festivals like Christmas than others. 

So we at Creative Thinks Media, an advertising agency, has decided to unveil the secret of great marketing this Christmas. Make sure you implement our suggestions and increase your ROI from advertisements. 

To start with, it is very important to understand – What Makes A Christmas Ad Great?

Christmas Promotion Ideas For Better Sales


Christmas is the most awaited festival in the US, which means people usually start the preparations well in advance. All you have to do is capture the happy sentiments associated with the festival and show relatable ads.

For example, an ad with a husband giving a promise ring to his wife captures the right emotions of a relationship and offers a gifting solution to all the husbands. Well, that is an emotion + solution in one advertisement. 

Call To Action:

You need to add a button, making it easier for your target customer to easily reach the payment/checkout page. Having a great product but a tedious purchase cycle can hamper your sales and revenue significantly. You can check out to see how we have used CTAs. CTAs are quite important for us as we are a leading advertising agency and have to capture leads coming to our website.

For example, with a CTA button, “Buy Now,” you can directly take your user to the checkout page.

Send A Message:

A marketer needs to keep in mind that a touching message attracts more eyeballs. A social message makes a brand convey its vision and voice beautifully. A full-service advertising agency can help you here!

For example, a message such as gifting goodies to underprivileged kids can work wonders in terms of engagement rate and CPC. 

Now having discussed what sorts of ads work on Christmas, it is crucial to understand which platforms to target for better ROI. Below is a list of such platforms that will help you gain more traction this Christmas.

Facebook Advertisements:

Social media gains popularity during festival times. So running Facebook ads can do wonders for brands that are selling amazing gifting solutions. You can also engage an advertising agency to help you in setting Facebook ads.

Pro Tip: You can leverage messenger ads and story ads for a better reach.

Instagram Marketing:

You can never go wrong with this platform. Instagram is a great platform to sell pretty, cute, and affordable stuff to areas around your shop/business. 

You can also crack barter deals with influencers to make your products reach a wider audience. An advertising agency can help you connect with various influencers by charging nominal agency fees.

Pro Tip: You should engage with micro-influencers who are generally open for barter deals and have far better engagement rates than those big influencers. 

Google Image Ads (PPC Campaign):

You can bid on keywords like “cute gifts for her this Christmas,” “best gifts for him this Christmas,” and place your ad on the first page of Google. Also, there is nothing better than image ads that capture more attention than text ads.

Pro Tip: Give offers such as 40% off etc. to make buying your products more lucrative for the buyers. 

We hope this article helps you with your sales this Christmas. Make sure you do complete research about your buyer’s persona to render better ad copies and images. Also, remember to make sure your ads are meaningful and come along with a CTA. 

If you wish to get any professional help with the same, you can connect with Creative Thinks Media, an advertising agency based out in NCR.

Merry Christmas Marketers!

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