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MS Cloud Computing Vs. Artificial Intelligence – Best Choice for You

CareersMS Cloud Computing Vs. Artificial Intelligence - Best Choice for You

There has been a lot of buzz around Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing that is hard to miss. Today with access to unlimited amounts of data and generation of algorithms through deep machine learning, human beings are taking down barriers and transitioning towards a transformed digital age.

With rapid technological advancements and their integration in the industrial world, there is a high demand for professionals in AI and Cloud Computing to handle various tasks. The best path for students interested in these fields is to get a masters degree in their choice of concentration. But most of the students are confused as there is a thin line separating both these programs.

Key Differences Between Cloud Computing vs. Artificial Intelligence

Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are fields of science that are closely related to each other and often overlap. These fields of study are, however, spate for a good reason. If you are interested in pursuing these fields, then continue reading for a better understanding of which is better cloud computing vs. artificial intelligence.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing deals with various computing and related areas like networking, database, software analytics, intelligence, etc., over the cloud or internet. A Masters degree in Cloud computing equips the student with knowledge about cloud computing services and how to integrate them into an organizational framework.

Cloud computing helps businesses with faster innovation and flexible resources by creating a single cloud hub that helps run infrastructure more smoothly and efficiently. Cloud computing is already an established field in the technology market with a broad market reach.

There are many international universities like MIT, Peking University, etc. that offer degrees in this program on scholarships, so make sure to get in touch with education consultants in Pakistan to avail scholarships and secure admission.

What are the responsibilities of a Cloud Computing Professional

Job responsibilities of a Cloud Computing professional may vary from company to company. Still, the following are some of the general duties of a professional working in the field of Cloud computing.

  • As a cloud computing engineer, you need to design a blueprint for an organization to incorporate all sorts of situations.
  • Provide support to the company regarding troubleshoot and software issues.
  • Supervise and manage all the resources needed for a project efficiently.
  • To ensure that the cloud database is safe and is running smoothly.

Career Outlook

Students who for a masters degree in this field get a lot of different career options because the field of cloud computing is vast. Following are some of the popular streams:

  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud System Engineer
  • Cloud Network Security Engineer
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud Developer Engineer

As for the average salaries of cloud computing professionals, we have displayed the following data from of top tech companies.

CompanyAverage Salary/ Year
Average salaries of cloud computing professionals

Note that the average salary may differ from company to company and geographical area. Hence it is highly suggested to consult an education expert before deciding on your future career.

Artificial Intelligence

As compared to Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a newer field that is still in its emerging phase. We are very well aware of the potentials of cloud technology, but AI, on the other hand, is still uncharted territory, promising innovation in the tech world. 

Artificial Intelligence deals with creating algorithms to perform autonomous tasks with the help of machines through data. AI makes use of software and algorithms to find solutions for existing problems and run everything as efficiently as possible. The field of AI is closely related to Robotics and Computer Engineering.

This field is among the most sought out programs, and demand for these professionals in the industry is very high. Top International Research Universities like KAIST, MIT, California Institute of Technology offers fellowships and invite students to research AI in their colleges free of cost. We suggest consulting a study abroad professional to get in touch with international professors and colleges offering graduate research degrees in AI.

What are the responsibilities of an Artificial Intelligence Professional

Responsibilities of an AI professional depends upon the level of skills of the students and job profile. However, some of the primary responsibilities include:

  • Examining and transforming data prototypes
  • Applying machine learning algorithms to develop solutions for problems.
  • Developing machine learning tools and applications for every individual project
  • Work closely with robotics and electrical engineers
  • Use data and algorithms to train and develop systems

Career Outlook

This field is part of every sector in the economy, from public organizations to private businesses and the health care sector to military and government agencies depending upon your area of concentration. Following are some of the most popular career options in the field of AI:

  • Robotics Programmer
  • Algorithm Specialist
  • Software Developer and Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Mining Analyst
  • Military and Aviation Engineer (dealing with technology like Drones, Nanotech, Simulators, Armament, etc.)

As for the salary, according to Glassdoor, the lowest salary for these professionals is around $105,200, and the highest is about $150,000 per annum. Some of the leading employers for professionals in AI are tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. Salaries are subject to change according to your skillset, geographical location, an organization, so make sure to consult a professional before making a decision.

Know the Difference and Apply Away!

Every technology has its perks and knowledge. To make the best choice for your future career, keep in mind your professional goals, educational background, and interests when deciding whether you want to pursue a degree in AI or Cloud computing. Do talk to an education consultant to make sure you don’t waste 2 years pursuing a degree that you have no interest in.

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