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Costs of Building an ADU in California

Home ImprovementCosts of Building an ADU in California

Barely ever will building two ADU’s be the same price. This is because almost every Accessory Dwelling Unit is unique due to different design options. How do you figure out the costs of building an ADU in California then?

Decide on The Type You Want

The first thing you need to be aware of is what an ADU is and the different versions of it.

Different types of Accessory Dwelling Unit cost different amounts to build. Constructing a detached ADU is going to be much more expensive than constructing a garage ADU or even an internal one.

Required Square Footage

ADU’s can range in size based on the owner’s needs and the regulations. However, there is a minimum size requirement because all ADU’s are required to have essential things like a bathroom and a kitchen that have specific minimum size requirements.

Utility Connections

Your Accessory Dwelling Unit is going to need utility connections, which can add up in price. Keep this in mind when forming your budget.

Don’t Forget About Permits and Design Fees

Permits are a fixed cost you will have to pay no matter the size or design of your ADU. Design fees, however, will vary depending on the size and requirements you have for your new ADU.

Consider What Features You Want

Do you really need the most expensive countertops, or can you go for a cheaper option? Do you need the most expensive flooring, or can you just cover it up with a rug?

These different questions can help you save money during your construction process. This is where a lot of the differentiation between the costs of Accessory Dwelling Unit’s really comes into play.

Total Average Costs of ADUs

On average, it costs between $100 to $200 per square foot. With that being said, you need to remember that each Accessory Dwelling Unit costs differently based on features and size. Therefore, a 500 SQ-foot ADU can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000.

It could also be more or less depending on what region in California you are in due to the availability of workers and raw materials as well as the different regulations.

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