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Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing – All You Need to Know

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With the advent of technology and its deep penetration in daily lives, people are asking more and more questions. One of the common questions is which of the two kinds of prints: digital and screen printing are better. Well, like most questions, there is no yes or no answer to this complicated question.

Instead of giving you a verdict on this, this blog will help you acquire some important information. This information will enlighten you enough to decide the answer for yourself. According to individual preferences, the answer will vary for each of the readers.

This article will throw light on the pros, and cons of the screen and digital printing.

A brief comparison of digital printing and screen printing

The kind of printing you require will, of course, vary with individual preference and the purpose for which you need to print something. But one thing you need to ensure is the quality of printing devices that you get.

You can always get in touch with the best suppliers like Epson UAE to get reliable results and durable equipment. Choosing a reliable company is the best strategy when looking for a tech-related purchase. The following headings will help you identify the benefits, pros, and cons of the screen and digital printing:

1. Benefits of Screen printing

Screen printing is a traditional practice where you need to use a screen stencil to create the printed effect as desired. The printing surface area that needs to be free of ink in the outcome is covered with an impermeable material.

The benefits of screen printing are numerous. The most important benefit is that it is cost-effective, making it a very efficient solution for bulk printing. Secondly, you can expect a very high quality of printing outputs with it.

If you need to get prints that need to be used and be durable for longer periods, screen printing is a good choice. If you want to print on a specified area of the surface, this method is suitable. You can use glass, textiles, wood, banners, electronics, and banners for various surfaces and textures. 

2. Cons of Screen Printing

Screen printing has many benefits, but like all good things, there is a drawback to it as well. The initial setup for screen printing takes a lot of money out of your pockets. Besides, the setup also takes longer than a setup for digital printing.

The color ranges available in screen printing are much confined as compared to digital printing. Besides, the limited color choices, the ink used on the surface may look like it is raised above the print material.

Lastly, digital printing offers liberty in terms of customization is not there with screen printing. For this reason, most people prefer digital printing, but screen printing looks professional.

3. Benefits of digital printing

Digital prints are produced when you translate or produce an image in soft form, or that you can visualize on your computer screen onto a surface, most probably a paper. Most people go for digital prints when they need prints for one-off use. When you have to go for a small number of prints or when you have to print on multiple kinds of materials, digital printing is your friend.

The setup is less costly, and there is a low speed of turn-around in the case of digital printing. If you use supplied digital printers by Epson UAE, the range of colors is unlimited in digital printing, and you can easily transfer photographic images from one medium to another with accuracy since there are color codes.

The most important feature of digital printing is that you get a neat print output, and there is no chance of ink bulges appearing on the surface of printed material.

4. Cons of digital printing

With screen printing, you have a wider list of fabrics for which it is suitable. Digital printing does not apply to all kinds of textures. The print produced on materials is not durable; hence digital printing is best only for one-off prints that aren’t to be used for long-term purposes.

When you have to produce prints in bulk, the cost is multiple and does not reduce. This linear increase in cost makes it more expensive than screen printing. Hence, digital printing is ideal only for small print orders.

Are you looking forward to starting your printing business?

What kind of printing orders do you think will suit you? Create a business plan. It will help you decide between the two digital printing and screen printing. Is your priority bulk printing orders, or you would prefer a facility that offers more printing materials? Answering these basic questions will help you define your target audience and thus choose your equipment accordingly.

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