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DIY Book Storage Using Cereal Boxes

EducationDIY Book Storage Using Cereal Boxes

Cereal boxes come in various design and sturdy packaging materials that make them able to be reutilized in multiple ways. They are up to the mark to be utilized for crafting book storage. If you are facing troubles with scattered books, magazines, or other things, you can sort them with ease and perfection with the help of your crafted book storage cases out of these boxes.

Easy Steps to DIY Book Storage

The process of crafting book storage out of custom printed cereal boxes is quite easy and didn’t require any specific hassle and expenses. Here are some easy steps to DIY book storage out of these boxes that can help you get your books and documents arranged.

1. Project Preparation

Before going to start your project, it is essential to have all the required materials within your arm’s reach to save your time and to stay focused. For crafting book storage, you will require materials including a large cereal box, pencil and ruler, scissors, sandpaper, markers, stamps and pictures, acrylic paint, glue, masking tape, and stencil with images in this regard. While collecting cereal box makes use that it should suit your books’ size very best as both come in multiple sizes, and ignoring this aspect can result in the waste of your time and effort.  

2. Cut Cereal Box

At the start, cut off the top flaps of your cereal box. Now you have to use a pencil and ruler to draw a line from the middle of your box’s top to one side considering the angle of 45-degree across both sides of the box. Now you have to cut your box around this drawn line. While cutting your box, make sure that its height must be lower than the shelf size where you are going to place it. Cutting always makes use of sharp cutters so that you can cut smoothly without facing any loss of resources.

3. Make Surface Rough

Before painting your crafted book storage, you should make it’s surface rough with the help of sandpapers so that paint can stick to it perfectly. The shiny coating can cause difficulty in painting your book storage made out of Cereal Boxes. In this regard, keep in mind that do not sand your box hardly as it might damage the quality and even will not be much helpful in painting as well. So, go with soft hands to dull the shiny coating of your book storage.

4. Paint It

Once you are done with making the shiny coating of the used box to craft this book storage rough, it is the time to paint it. In this regard, you can use a sponge brush or paint spraying technique to apply your paint. Once you are done with painting, let it dry. After drying, you can go for two or more coats in order to cover the original colors and bright printing on the used cereal box. While painting, make sure that none of the parts of your book storage has remained uncovered.

5. Decorate It

Now your book storage box or organizer is ready to be used, but you can decorate it before using it to enhance its elegance and beauty. You can apply multiple creative ideas to decorate it. You can use stencils and sponges, butterflies, and fabric elements in different colors. To decorate a box like this, you should cut small square sponge stamps to apply them on the border corners of your box. It will make your book storage box made out of custom cereal boxes wholesale. If you are using stencils, go with purple and green colors on the box corners.

Almost every decorating technique can be applied to these boxes. You can wrap a box in the fabric that links with your decor. If you are making more than one box for your books, you can paint a scene on them to make them look more beautiful. Similarly, there are multiple ways that you can utilize to make them look unique and outstanding.

These are a few easy steps that can help you make an outstanding solution out of cereal boxes for your scattered books and documents. Following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to get a high-end solution without any specific hassle and expense. 

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