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A Complete Guide About Ticketing To The Dubai Aquarium

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Dubai is one of the destinations where you can find spectacular visiting spots. With a wide variety of attractions, the place is never short of visitors. The Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo is one such destination where you will find adventures of every kind. Being one of the largest underwater zoos globally, the place is home to more than 20 thousand aquatic species. Before you pay a visit, you need to know something about the ticketing available to the Aquarium. Numerous tickets and offers are available for the visitors; each one is coming with its unique set of fun activities. Are you planning on paying a visit shortly? You must read this article before you go there!

Ticket Information To Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo:

Being a visitor, you can get the ticket to the place in two ways. One is, pay a visit to the Aquarium, stay in the queue, and grab it from the counter. The other way is much easier where you will not have to stand in the long queue and wait for your turn. You can reserve your tickets online. Isn’t it a cool idea? Avoid standing in the long line and book your Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets online today!

Experiences and fun activities you can enjoy:

Different tickets have different experiences. From ticket prices to experiences and terms and conditions, all is packed here. Let us have a look at these.

1. Explorer Experience:

Visitors can explore the hidden secrets of the Dubai Aquarium and the zoo by buying this ticket. Individuals who come with a curious soul will find much here. Following are some of the experiences you can enjoy with an explorer ticket.

  • Aquarium Tunnel Exploration
  • The Underwater zoo Exploration
  • Glass Boat Tour

Visitors can explore a fascinating aquatic world at the Dubai Aquarium. Despite being a fun place for tourists and families, each activity has certain rules, terms, and conditions. Visitors are required to comply with these regulations to keep a pleasant environment.

Terms and conditions:

The explorer experience is no different when it comes to T&C. Following are some of the conditions you must know before paying a visit.

  • The ticket price for adults and children above two years is AED 150
  • Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by parents or guardians
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to attend this activity since it could be dangerous
  • The activity is not applicable for kids under two years of age
  • The tickets are subject to availability

2. Penguin Cove and Nursery Experience:

Another activity included in the tickets to the Aquarium is the penguin cove and nursery experience. Visitors can encounter penguins and see how they are fed. Close interaction with these sea creatures will make a long-lasting impact. Following are some of the adventures you can enjoy in this activity.

  • Aquarium Tunnel
  • Underwater zoo
  • Penguin cove
  • Guided behind the scene tours
  • Interactive platforms
  • An Aquarium café voucher of AED 10 for food and beverages
  • 1 x 20 AED aquarium retail shop

Terms and Conditions:

Following are some of the terms and conditions you should be following while up for penguin cove and nursery experience.

  • The ticket price for adults and children above two years of age is AED 199
  • Kids under 15 years of age must be accompanied by their parents or guardians
  • Tickets are subject to availability

AED 85 tickets for different encounters:

Numerous encounter activities are incorporated in ticket costing AED 85. These experiences are mentioned below.

i) Ray Encounter:

Visitors can encounter Ray with this ticket. Following are the conditions you must keep an eye on.

  • The ticket price is AED 85 for adults and children
  • Not applicable for pregnant guests
  • The minimum height requirement for the activity is 140 cm
  • Guests should be able to walk up and walk downstairs
  • Visitors should reach the place 15 minutes ago
  • Tickets are subject to availability

ii) King Crocs Encounter:

The croc encounter has the following terms and conditions.

  • The ticket price for adults and children is AED 85
  • The minimum height required is 120 cm
  • Guests should arrive 30 minutes before
  • Kids must be accompanied by parents and guardians
  • Pregnant women are not allowed

iii) Otter Encounter:

  • The ticket price is AED 85 for everyone
  • Anyone with disabilities can access wheelchairs
  • Kids under two years are allowed free entry
  • Guests should arrive at least 15 minutes before
  • Tickets are subject to availability

All the tickets have a unique set of fun attractions and terms and conditions. Visitors need to pay attention to every aspect before going there. Are you planning to go there the next weekend? Book your tickets online and pay a visit with your family!

Explore the hidden aquatic world at Dubai Aquarium!

Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are considered one of the most attractive sights for visitors. The place must have something that cant be described in words. Being an adventurer, you should pay a visit to see what’s in the box. Get your tickets today and explore the place.

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