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Dynamics 365 And Oil And Gas Industry

News & PoliticsDynamics 365 And Oil And Gas Industry

Oil and gas companies have run the word, both literally and figuratively in the pre-sustainability era. Fossils, some decades ago, not only fueled the world but also fueled events of war and peace and a lot of geo-political events that altered the world order. Time, fortunately, or unfortunately, is changing. The focus of the world is now directed towards renewable energy and not the oil fields in the Middle East. Fortunately for us, renewable energy does not incite a military war but unfortunately, it takes away jobs from the people who are working in the oil and gas industry.

There are no fixes to this current pattern. Fossil fuels have gone out of fashion and there is no pixie dust that can undo this situation. What can be offered instead, might look like a band-aid in the place of a tourniquet but anything is better than nothing. 

For the people who are working in this sector, fluctuating barrel prices, limited profitability and geopolitical influences and shift towards sustainable energy are hell-hounds as it is. What could do worse for them is running into administrative problems on top of it such as:

  • halt in operations 
  • connectivity interruptions across rigs and facilities 
  • limited data usage 
  • organization flaws

For the people working in this sector, Dynamics 365 can be a solution for some of the issues – administrative and organizational. A lot of data is processed in the facilities, rigs, transportation services and refineries. This data is an asset which can be used by the company to enhance and optimize present and future operations. 

Dynamics 365, a blend of CRM and ERP can be used as a host to a huge amount of business information. This includes order to purchase histories, shipping locations and past experiences, customer information, remote services, accounts planning. All in all, the 360 degree view is provided by this blend – from supply chain management to human resource and customer relations to support, all can be automated, optimized and handled by Dynamics 365. 


Through Dynamics 365, get a centralized financial management system which provides embedded analytics and intelligent insights and lets you optimize workforce productivity and financial effectiveness. Dynamics 365 also lets you save costs by automation of finances, budget planning and resource planning. The automation is itself flexible, making adjusting to new sites, roles and financial projects very easy.

Collaboration of teams

In facilities and rigs that are built offshore and in areas not easily accessible by humans, collaboration becomes a huge question mark. Through Dynamics 365, organization can be arranged into a visual hierarchy with outputs showing who is working currently with whom. This not only eases the process of identifying operations but also to dedicate them to the relevant person.

Production Management

Get help in building project estimates and operation quotations using Dynamic’s embedded cost and estimate templates, bill rates, and supporting tools. Looking over operations is very easy through a single dedicated dashboard. All the rigs, facilities and their operations can be accessed through a single access link which unifies the operative expanse. This will help you in analyzing performance, resolve issues and flag good or bad operations. 

Supply Chain optimization

Through Dynamics 365 and dynamics gp partner in UAE, you can be in control of the supply chain to and from oil and gas reserves and facilities & rigs. Through synchronization of the schedules across all the facilities, the logistics can be improved and enhanced. This supply chain enhancement will also work for customers where order to cash process can be automated and made visible through a single link access. Through Dynamics 365 and its range of products, you can connect sales and purchase with production, logistics, and warehouse management and streamline the three into a single unified, controlled process.

Human Resource Management

Wok force on far off facilities and rigs have to be constantly assigned new tasks and shifts have to be maintained. This can be managed through Dynamics 365 which can take over all tasks — recruitment and onboarding, to performance analysis and compensation to record and competency management. On rigs and facilities, human resource management can become a problem because of connectivity and bare minimum communication channels. Dynamics 365 can counter the geographical and communicational distance between the resource and the manager.  

It is given that businesses running in this sector cannot control the buying and selling rates of the product. It is also very clear that these services may be getting obsolete in the very near future (especially with the sudden realization of the world of the impending global climate crisis) but what is in your control is to make it good while it lasts. While the product itself might not be required anymore but the required services are sure to be hired by people around the globe. Employ Dynamics 365 to automate and optimize your operations today.  

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