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Easy Ways To Spark Joy Into Your Tidying Routine

LifestyleEasy Ways To Spark Joy Into Your Tidying Routine

Find out how to spark joy into your tidying routine to help this process be that little bit easier day today.

If you’ve seen any of the various tidying routine programs and life improvement shows available on various streaming services, you will have heard a lot about how tidying can bring joy to your life.

Let’s get real, it doesn’t ever really feel great to tidy, does it. Most of us would rather be doing pretty much anything else, apart from those of you who do enjoy tidying, in which case you probably don’t need to read this article anyway.

Also would you consider tidying our house if you enjoy it so much? No? It was worth a try right?

So, like the rest of us you don’t enjoy tidying and it does not spark any joy. Let’s take a look at how you might be able to change that in the future. These tips are not a guarantee, but they are a chance at perhaps making this tedious chore that little bit more bearable day today for a fresher and cleaner home.

Here’s how to potentially spark joy in your tidying routine;

Accept That It Won’t Ever Be Your Favourite Thing

Accepting that tidying is never going to be your favorite thing is the first step to gaining more joy from the process. As with exercise, you may well hate the process but you love the results. Accepting that this short process is not going to be fun is actually a really great way to feel better about getting the job done.

Get Into Podcasts

Whilst tidying, it can be really helpful to have a distraction in your ears that passes the time quickly. Your hands are busy doing the tidying, but your brain is paying attention to the podcast. There are so many to choose from, and there are so many new podcasts coming out each and every day. Podcasts about any subject that you can think of. Find one that you like, or a few ideally, and start listening to them when you tidy. Chances are the time will pass so much quicker.

Tidying Is Exercise

Don’t forget that tidying counts as exercise, so why not put your favorite tunes on and get into it. Wiggle those hips as you hoover, shake those shoulders as you wipe the windows, and get warbling your favorite songs. Crooning through an album may well just make tidying the kitchen that bit more fun.

Be Indulgent

Allow yourself to tidy in an indulgent way every once in a while. Tidy in a way that isn’t the quickest, but maybe it’s the most enjoyable. For example, if you’ve been longing to go through all the photos in your cheap self-storage unit (see here for more info) but it never seems to be the right time, have an indulgent afternoon slowly tidying and looking through those old photos. Your cheap self storage unit still gets tidied, but you also get to enjoy yourself being sentimental too.

Have A Goal

Knowing you have to tidy the whole house might be a bit much if you are prone to being a little bit lazy. Instead, why can’t your goal for the day be to tidy one room? Or could it be to hoover all the rooms? Bite-size goals are much more achievable than trying to do everything all in one go.

Do It For Selfish Reasons

Maybe you need another reason to get stuck into tidying. Maybe you will happily live amongst dirty clothes and piles of newspapers rather than do the cleaning.

Maybe the motivation could be gathering items to sell to raise money for an upcoming holiday? Maybe you need a new wardrobe and you want the cash to do that. These are all great reasons to declutter, sell some items from your self-storage unit in London, and clear your home as a result.

Sure this isn’t the path to regular cleaning but it is the path to a bit of extra cash in the short term.

Hopefully, the tips above have you feeling inspired to tidy your home. If you can find something, anything to motivate you to tidy, then maybe today it won’t be so bad. Then maybe tomorrow it won’t be so bad. Then before you know it, you have a habit and who knows, maybe you’ll be tidying your home soon without it feeling like such a slog.

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