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Effective Designs for Custom Boxes – 7 Designing Tips

Art & DesignEffective Designs for Custom Boxes - 7 Designing Tips

We know that different manufacturers are producing and selling different objects. They require differently sized boxes for the packaging of their products. Custom boxes are helping every business to package its items. They are available in all customized sizes, shapes, and colors. They may be pillow boxes, sleeves, rectangular, round, or any other beautiful shape. Their production materials are cardstock, cardboard, kraft, or bux board. Their thickness varies according to requirements. The greater thickness provides greater protection and vice versa for smaller thicknesses.

Packaging designs may come with the business name to promote them. They may also contain a business logo and slogan. They contain relevant graphical content and imagery to promote the products. Many additional features and finishing options can help to make them appealing. These add-ons include gloss coating, matte coating, PVC, raised ink, embossing, silver or gold foiling, and debossing. Sometimes, they come with window cutouts to help the customers see the products inside.

We know that different businesses require packaging boxes for transferring their products safely. The requirement of boxes varies from product to product and industry to industry. Custom boxes have come up to help different businesses develop packaging according to their requirements. Following are seven designing and development tips for these boxes.

Consider your Requirements

When you are going to develop packaging for your products, you should know your requirements and needs. We know that products have variable delicacy levels. They may be strong or fragile. They may be edibles or wearables. They may have assorted shapes and lengths. Therefore, you should consider all these parameters before finalizing the box design. For protective packaging, you need thicker boxes and sturdier materials. You may need boxes with inserts or holders for delicate objects. You may need laminated boxes to make them water and moisture-resistant. Hence, when you are going to develop product boxes, you should understand your requirements. This will help you produce a classy and up-to-the-mark packaging box that can meet all your requirements.

Consider your Selling Channels

It is a common observation that different businesses are selling their products differently. They have different selling channels. Some businesses have retail outlets where customers physically come and select the products to purchase. Some businesses have online selling points. When you are selling through retail outlets, you may not need protective and sturdier packaging. On the other hand, when you are selling your goods online, and you have to ship them to your customers, you may need protective and strong packaging. You need packaging that can resist water, moisture, and other chemicals. It must be protected against bumps and jerks during shipping. Hence, you should develop packaging according to your selling channels. It will let you know if you require protective packaging or not.

Develop a Balanced Design

We know that custom boxes wholesale have to perform two functions. Firstly, they have to protect the products inside them. Secondly, they have to promote them. Therefore, when you are designing packaging for your products, you should make sure that it is a balanced design. It must perform both functions effectively. For example, if you have developed a highly attractive packaging box with thinner paper stock, this is not a balanced design because it will only promote the object. It will not be protective packaging. Hence, for the development of a balanced design, you should make sure that it is the right mixture of colors, graphics, images, and protective features. A balanced design can help you stand out among others. It can perform all the functions of packaging effectively.

Think About the Thickness of Paper

You should know that cardboard, cardstock, and kraft are famous production materials for packaging boxes. They come in variable thicknesses. Their thickness starts from 12pt and reaches a maximum value of 28pt. Thickness at 12pt provides lesser protection, whereas 28pt provides greater protection. This information should help you understand the value and benefits of thicker flaps. You should consider the type of product that you have to package inside and decide the thickness of flaps accordingly. When you have to package fragile objects such as glassware or heavyweight objects such as electronics, you should use thicker flaps. They will not tear apart and help to keep your products safe inside. When you have to package lightweight objects, you may use thinner flaps.

Understand your Size Requirements

You must consider the size of your products. We know that different products may come in variable sizes. Some products are bigger in length, whereas others may be bigger in width. Some may be circular, while others may be rectangular. Hence, the size requirements vary from product to product. When you are designing packaging for your items, you should consider their sizes. Measure the size of the product and design packaging that can fit it. Its size must be adaptable for the product. It should hold the objects tightly and reduce their mobility. Hence, the correct size of the box is necessary for getting good results. 

The Aesthetic and Captivating Design

We know that attractive packaging has become essential for survival in the market. There is big competition among different businesses and industries. They are continuously struggling to develop classy and versatile custom boxes in the USA. When you have to compete with other brands, you should make use of beautiful graphics and imagery. You should print them with beautiful drawings, artwork, or patterns. You should print your logo on them. You should make your design as attractive as possible. You can use numerous additional finishing options. They may be coatings, silver, copper, or gold foiling, embossing, laminations, and many others. Anesthetic and captivating packaging have become the need of time.

Make It Communicative and Interactive 

Nowadays, communicative and interactive packaging is trending. This is a type of packaging that communicates essential information to the audience. It lets the audience know about product details. It comes with typed information about the item, such as its benefits, features, and other important details. It also communicates necessary details about the company. Therefore, when you have to get an increased response from the customers and become trustable, you should produce interactive and communicative packaging. It will help you become a trustable brand, and your products will get an increased response from consumers. It can also increase your customer count. Custom boxes packaging should let consumers know everything that they want to know.

We have described various designing tips for custom boxes. For increasing their beauty and worth, you may use relevant graphics and artwork to attract people. You may consider the requirements according to your products and business. You may make them protective, attractive, or communicative. You should make them speak for your brand and promote it.


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