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Electronic Logbook Soft: Everything Fleet Owners Should Know

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If you own a vehicle fleet company or are planning to open one, especially a truck management company, then you should know about electronic logbook soft. This is a system that will run and manage the e-log devices installed in trucks as part of the new compliance regulations. But do you have an idea of how to buy the best electronic logbook soft in 2021?

If this is a new project for you, then the information below will be invaluable for you. One thing you need to know is that electronic logbook soft records the time when drivers are driving the trucks, idling, parked with the engine off, and more. Hence, the e-log device is synchronized with the engine of the vehicle.

How to Use an Electronic Logbook Soft

This software is essentially used by the fleet owners and managers to track and understand the trail of work. The software displays information to management after communicating with the physical device installed in a truck. As the owner of the fleet, there is a need to keep tight audit trails to ensure that every important aspect of work is recorded.

An electronic logbook soft has many benefits in a fleet company according to experts. This is why you should try here to see what you should buy and install in your fleet vehicles.

The Best Electronic Logbook Soft

  • Eyeride E-log solution – If you are looking for an accurate, reliable, and powerful fleet management solution for your trucks, then look no further. This electronic logbook soft is FMCSA compliant so that your vehicles will not have problems with the authorities. Lastly, it is capable of monitoring vehicle activities such as engine start or stop or idling from an app. Hence, you can easily track the hours of service of your drivers.
  • Logbook Pro – This is another electronic logbook soft that comes in the form of an app. It is reliable when you want to track simple activities of the vehicles such as engine start and stop.
  • Eclipse Logbook – If you are looking for an electronic logbook soft that will do more than tracking the hours of service, try this one. It has a digital interface where drivers can make a signature and other notes. Since it is connected to the GPS tracking system, you can also tell where the vehicles are. And of course, it displays whether they are moving or switched off.
  • Drivernote – As the name suggests, this electronic logbook soft is simply an app that tracks the mileage covered by drivers, as well as keeping a note of all the deductions. It is easily synced with the e-log device that is connected to the engine of the vehicle. Drivernote can work as an extra app on top of your main electronic logbook soft to keep the above information.


An electronic logbook soft is an essential fleet management solution that you should have in your company. For those with trucks, it is now compliant, and all you need is to choose the best. As of now, you have some helpful insights to take your company to the next level.

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