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5 Escape Game Appearances on TV

Games5 Escape Game Appearances on TV

Even if you haven’t had a friend rave about the thrill of local escape games or heard about their merits at corporate events, you’ve probably seen them featured on TV. As interest in escape games has surged in recent years, they’ve appeared on a host of popular television shows. So, if you’re keen to find out what the buzz is all about, why not turn to the small screen to see for yourself?

Check out these five best escape game appearances on TV.

1) Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S3E14

This wacky episode of the hit police procedural finds Captain Holt on the search for a suitable team-building exercise. Ideas for a Britney Spears concert or a trip to Vegas are shot down in favor of an escape game, so the squad hit a nuclear apocalypse-themed room. However, only Scully, Hitchcock, and Gina show up, apart from Holt. Watch as the hapless team bungles through a Cold War-style bunker and learns to work together along the way.

2) The Big Bang Theory, S8E16

Emily, Leonard, Amy, and Raj get together for some group bonding and enter into an escape room plagued by a flesh-eating zombie. They’re out in all of six minutes. It’s almost predictable for this bunch of geniuses, but don’t expect your own escape game experience to be that easy!

3) 2 Broke Girls, S5E5

Friendship is in the air in this charming episode of everybody’s favorite sitcom about two cash-strapped ladies. As their relationship founders over a rocky period, Max and Caroline head to the escape room to make up. Locked in an Alice in Wonderland-themed room, the two finally put their heads and hearts together.

4) Portlandia, S8E3

Some people take escape games just a little too seriously. Case in point: Kath and Dave demolishing the room in their haste to beat the record. Watch for madcap fun and destruction, but definitely don’t take any tips for appropriate escape game behavior from this show.

5) Bob’s Burgers, S8E14

After an impossibly awkward double date, Bob and Linda try to salvage the night by visiting Great Escape-stations. Will the escape game do the trick, or are some things just beyond its power to fix?

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