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Everything you need to know about IMEI, and it’s importance

TechnologyEverything you need to know about IMEI, and it's importance

With each passing day, the number of mobile or smartphone users are increasing. It is because of the high demand for technology and its benefits. Even if the same manufacturer manufactures them, every mobile device is unique from the other device in terms of certain factors.

This uniqueness has enabled the agencies to trace the device user without any difficulties.  This uniqueness of the same mobiles is because of the IMEI number. Mobile devices in the past did not have the IMEI numbers and were legal to use. Today mobile phones that do not have IMEI numbers are illegal to use, and the user and the manufacturer will face penalties.

This article will get detailed information about mobile devices having IMEI numbers and the reasons and benefits of incorporating this number into mobile phones.

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI stands for international mobile equipment identity. It is an identity given to a mobile device in the form of a 15 digit number. The numbers have certain groups and divisions; the type allocation code is an important part of these digits. Networks use type allocation code or (TAC)to check if the devices are secure to connect with or not.

Top 3 benefits of IMEI number

IMEI numbers may not be beneficial in terms of security and safety, but they do have some benefits for the device owners. Below are a few benefits of IMEI numbers and how these numbers help trace the mobile phone user.

1. Tracking location

The law and agencies use this number to track any person they need. It helps improve security and catch the thieves and robbers. It is not always beneficial for tracing the mobile device thief; IMEI numbers help track down other criminals.

2. Trace stolen mobile devices

If a person steals your mobile device, you can trace your mobile phone location and the person who has stolen it using your IMEI number. It is a must that you remember that 15 digit code and pen it down somewhere in case you need it in the future. Mobile networks will block your mobile device if you provide them with the IMEI number, so the people who stole it may not operate the mobile anymore.

3. Ensures devices are valid

If a device has an IMEI number, then it means that it has passed a scrutiny test, and now it is legal to use.  Devices that do not have this number are illegal to use in certain countries.

Why have an IMEI number?

The benefits, as mentioned above, are the reason why having an IMEI number is important. If the mobile devices you are manufacturing, selling, importing and using do not have these numbers, you will not be capable of doing business. It is one of the technical requirements of terminal devices that all the mobile phones or devices must have the IMEI number to get the TRA type approval.

Is it possible to change the IMEI number?

After you get the mobile device, then you cannot change the IMEI number of your device. The IMEI number becomes a part of the device during the manufacturing process, and some of the digits of your mobile phone’s IMEI number is developed using an algorithm.

Changing the IMEI number is possible but not permanently. You can change it temporarily but changing it will cost you penalties. You will not be capable of making claims to the networks if you have lost your mobile phone because the receipt will have the original IMEI number on it, not the one you have changed.

Can you trace a mobile device if the power is off?

It is not possible to trace a mobile phone when its power is off. But you can trace the mobile phone and the user based on the last location it was switched on and used by the user. It is one of the drawbacks and limitations of the IMEI number as it is not possible to track the devices whose power is off.

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How IMEI and serial numbers are different?

Both IMEI and serial numbers are on a mobile device. One of the main differences between these two is that the IMEI number is only for mobile devices. On the other hand, serial numbers are also for other terminal devices such as laptops, tablets, touchpads, mobile phones etc.

A serial number has nothing to do with tracking a mobile device when stolen. Instead, it helps the device manufacturers know about the device’s warranty time if a device user sends it back to the manufacturer for repair purposes.

Is there any possibility of having duplicate IMEI numbers?

The answer is probably no. Different mobile devices cannot have the same IMEI numbers because if they do so, then tracking a stolen device will create a problem due to the other device having the same IMEI number. It is like identity, and every mobile device has a unique IMEI number. That is why terminal devices such as mobile devices need to get the TRA type approval to ensure that each device has a unique ID and is not stolen or illegal to use.

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Improve the security of your terminal equipment

The devices you use must be safe and secure to use. To check their safety factors, they go through a test determining if they have health hazards for the users. Those sellers and manufacturers that do not go through these tests may not get permission to sell their equipment. You must have documented proof that your product is legal and safe to use.

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