Extracurricular Activities And Personality Development Of Children

Extracurricular Activities And Personality Development of Children

Education is one of the essential parts of the life of any individual. Most of the educational institutes and parents also pay particular consideration to the education and learning of the children.

Some parents do not realize the importance of extracurricular activities and pressurize their children to keep studying all the time. However, American schools in Dubai have made students’ participation in extracurricular activities compulsory. It is necessary for the physical and emotional growth of the students.

4 Ways Extracurricular Activities Shape the Personality of Students

4 Ways Extracurricular Activities Shape the Personality of Students

Extracurricular activities play an essential role in shaping the personality of the students. They can learn about science and society through books. However, sports and other activities help them learn how to live and survive in society.

The following are some of the most critical ways extracurricular activities play their role in the development of students.

Management Skills

One of the most important parts of the life of students is time management. They have to complete their work, quizzes, papers, and other tasks within the given time limit to depict their capabilities.

Extracurricular activities, especially sports, enable them to learn time management skills. In addition to it, they also learn leadership and decision-making skills through sports, debates, and other activities.

Another important thing students learn through extracurricular activities is decision-making. They learn to take responsibility and fulfill it, which strengthens their personality.

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Goal Achievement

Another critical way extracurricular activities shape the personality of the students is by allowing them to set their goals. It is majorly through sports activities and debates that students have to set their goals and work towards their achievement as well.

This is quite a healthy activity as unconsciously students learn to set their goals for future life and work hard to achieve them. They learn that they would have to struggle and fight to achieve their goals.

Team Bonding

Surviving and progressing in life means that the individual has to interact with the other people of society. This is the most important skill which is often taught in schools and colleges.

Socializing and team bonding cannot be taught through courses and lectures. Students have to interact in the practical phase to learn all these. Extracurricular activities are an excellent source of teaching teamwork, bonding, and socializing to the students.

While playing or participating in other activities, they learn to help out and look after each other. They do not judge or label fellow students for their slow pace or failures and learn to balance out the situation.

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Physical Strength

Apart from the extraordinary report card of the students, their health and physical fitness matter a lot. Extracurricular activities provide opportunities for students to take part in sports, debates, and theatre plays.

Sports activities ensure the students’ physical strength and focus on their emotional growth and stability.  Such activities build the stamina of the students. They also learn critical and analytical skills, in addition to identifying their strengths and interests.

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Have you realized the importance of extracurricular activities in the development of your children?

The children must be exposed to such an environment from an early age so they can learn more and more. American schools ensure that the students of junior years are also involved in extracurricular activities.

So, if you are based in Dubai and looking for a school for your children, American schools can prove to be a great choice. They ensure your child’s academic success and teach several other skills that will help him/her later in life.

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