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Get Your Cyber Security Up to Scratch with a VPN

InternetGet Your Cyber Security Up to Scratch with a VPN

Making sure that your business is completely secure is vitally important. The vast proportion of business is conducted through the Internet these days so much data is flying around through business systems. Files, documents and sensitive information are all stored in order to have a smooth-running business, which is correct and efficient. However, should a hacker get into your systems, there is suddenly a big problem staring you in the face.

This kind of problem could mean the permanent closure of business as private client details can be leaked and used for other purposes. Making your business more secure doesn’t need to be hard, once you have the adequate anti-virus software in place, all you really need is a VPN.

Benefits of having a VPN

VPNs are primarily used to allow users secure connections to the Internet or business systems. They are highly advanced in their security measures giving hackers an incredibly slim chance of breaking through even the first barrier.

VPNs use encrypted wavelengths which means that there is a very complex coding system in place. Access is only granted to the user who can provide the correct 16 to 32 digit bit, or key. As an alternative to a password, if you like, the encrypted key is given only to the user so they can have a private entry point to the Internet. This allows any and all activity to be private throughout the duration of the session.

Costs to the business

VPNs have paid for or free options available. Any general search online will bring up results for both options, but from a business perspective, it is best to look more into the paid-for services. These particular firms have a lot more to offer in regards to having around the clock customer service team in place and better connection and download speeds.

When it comes to keeping private data safe there shouldn’t really be a limit on how much you can afford. Just think how much it would cost you if a hacker got in and sold all of your clients’ personal details.

Cutting overheads

Although having a premium VPN service may add a cost to your business, there is also a vast potential to save money too.

Giving staff the option to work from home can potentially mean that your production rate will increase. The staff doesn’t enjoy travel so they will be much happier to have a bit of freedom to work from home. Not only does this mean you will have happier staff, but it will save you money on paying travel fares if you add those on to your overheads.

Happy workers work much harder, and with a VPN service, the staff will still be able to access their work files from home. The connection remains just as secure and protected over a distance so do some trial sessions and get your productivity up and costs down.

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