A Backpacking Guide To Enjoying Your Dubai Trip

A Backpacking Guide To Enjoying Your Dubai Trip

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Dubai is an expat-filled city, and they are ready to pay an exorbitant amount for any activity or service. It is probably the reason why Dubai falls under the most expensive cities in the world. If you dig deeper into this city, you will find nothing below the standard. Everything offered here is matchless, and everyone is happy to pay for it. If you plan to visit Dubai, you certainly need a backpacking guide to make the most of your stay in this wonderful city. This article will walk you through a few ways where you can save costs and enjoy your Dubai trip. Stay with us to know more!

Quick Tips to Follow during Dubai Trip:

Your trip to Dubai will certainly cost you a fair amount of money but you need to ensure your spending is worth it. You need to find ways to cut costs and save as much money as you can. Enjoying your Dubai trip is not only about visiting wonders; it is about managing your resources as well. We have compiled a few ways to help you cut costs on your trip. Let us begin!

1. Find the best accommodation:

Dubai has witnessed an exponential increase in property and rental prices. The signal is alarming for all the incoming new visitors, and you should also pay attention to it. It would be no less than an art to finding the best accommodation during your trip. Dubai is never short on exotic and luxurious villas and you can reside in one based on your budget and needs.

Various backpacker hostels and budget hostels are up to offer you affordable yet best accommodation points. You can enjoy access to various amenities like supermarkets, gyms, and sports parks for your kids. If you want to keep all the problems aside, you better connect with professional property developers who can help you find the best-suited accommodation for you.

2. Save money on food:

Forget about eating in restaurants and hotels if you want to travel on a budget. The reason is that the prices are not stable. You may pay AED5 for a wonderful soup one day and more than AED30 for a tasteless sandwich the other day. Avoid restaurants that serve alcohol since they will charge you double just because you can order a beer with your meal. Why pay an extra amount for something that you aren’t even taking?

You can save money on your food by visiting a few recommended places. Do you wish to know what these places are? Here are they.

  • Mall food courts
  • Best quality-price hotels

You can also cook at home to avoid any inconvenience or hygiene problems. All you need to do is buy some groceries and start cooking at your home. However, having a proper kitchen at your accommodation is mandatory.

3. Cruise around Dubai in style:

Dubai is a vast city, built around many acres but with a little population density. It is a city built to move around exclusively by your personal vehicle. Being a busy city, getting to your desired destination in Dubai could take your time. With a mix of luxurious and affordable means, Dubai offers you the following transportation options.

i) Rent luxury cars:

Have you ever dreamt of traveling in a luxury car in Dubai? Now is the time to live your dream. If you are traveling in a group, renting a luxury car is the sole and better option available for you. Dubai is loaded with lots of interesting things that you can’t access without a car. Contact luxury car rental Dubai today and book a car!

ii) Metro:

Another cheap option available is to travel on the metro bus. You can either buy a single ticket or ask for an NOL ticket at the counter. The NOL card is preferred as it comes with AED15 credit. If you plan to visit the main tourist sites like Burj Dubai or Burj Khalifa, the metro bus is a valid option.

iii) Bus:

Traveling by bus is another cheap but inconvenient option available for backpackers in Dubai. The bus goes through various interesting places like Burj Al Arab and Souq Madinat, and it goes parallel to the metro.

iv) Rent sports cars:

Dubai is loaded with sports cars but owning one is not that easy. You can’t afford to buy a sports car on your Dubai visit, but you can rent one for a few days. The thrill will remain the same, and you can enjoy it as much as you want. Do you think it’s the best option to live your Dubai trip fully? Rent sports cars in Dubai and let the adventure begin!

Enjoy Your Dubai Trip With Luxury Cars!

Traveling in a luxury car will certainly add more to your Dubai trip. You can rent sports and luxury cars for a day or a week at affordable prices to explore Dubai. Consider renting one on your next trip!

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