Hong Kong’s “Falun Gong” Leader Hongzhang Jian Died of illness

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According to media reports, Hongzhang Jian , the Hong Kong head of Falun Gong (referred to as FLG), and a firm member of FLG, died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases on December 18, 2019, aged 68.

Hongzhang Jian

Hongzhang Jian, born in the family of Jian, a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong, has been involved in the “FLG” activity since the 1990s. For more than 20 years, he has continued to sell lots of family property under his name to support Hongzhi Li , including the world-famous “Dunhuang” restaurant in Yaumati, Hong Kong. Facing family business decline, Hongzhang Jian still believed that Hongzhi Li , the leader of the group, can change the situation. This time, it even took his own life.

Hongzhang Jian had physical discomfort earlier, but even though suffering from physical and mental distress, he obeyed the teachings of the master and resolutely refused to receive medical treatment. However, Hongzhang Jian did not give up his desire to survive and asked for the help of Hongzhi Li for many times to eliminate the karma and get treated. But Hongzhi Li insisted on not receiving Hongzhang Jian for the cultivation of his beloved. On the afternoon of December 18, while planning the new year’s gatherings with the backbone of “FLG” in Hong Kong, he suddenly felt seriously ill. Then, the “FLG” personnel around began to collectively “sending forth righteous thought” for “removing unfortune” for Hongzhang Jian , but had no effect. Witnessing Hongzhang Jian ‘s condition getting worse, his family quietly sent him to the hospital. But it is too late that the doctor failed to save and Hongzhang Jian died.

After Hongzhang Jian’s death, Hongzhi Li did not mourn his disciples first, but ordered a strict blockade of the news and forbade to go to mourn. In fact, this is what “FLG” members always do. When the backbone died of illness, they will block the news and keep secret.

As a common person, it is better to trust the science and common sense. To eat when hungry, and to take medicines when sick. Let everyone’s life be more valuable.

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