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How to Engage Users with Mobile App Customization?

TechnologyHow to Engage Users with Mobile App Customization?

If you’re willing to create apps which can engage users here is your chance to do so. A good mobile app is not just about cool design and fast-speed, it is also about seamless customization. We are in an era where users no-longer want apps which offer limited functions and boring mobile app experience. In the current market, the race is all about creating mobile apps which are customized according to the needs of the customers.

The successful companies are leading in their niche by creating better customizations in their apps. You can take advantage of mobile app customization to engage users and get more attention from your potential customers.

Here are some ways in which mobile customization can help brands engage more users. You can start them today and see which of the ways are working for you.

Use the mobile app to gather user data

Users are done with boring experiences. Every other company is providing the same experience. In this rat race the company who understands the need of customers and provide them with customized tailored experiences in something which gives them a competitive edge.

When the data which user provides in the mobile app is collected, the company can use this data to provide a more personalized experiences with it. The profile data like gender, occupation, location, and type of customer can be used to create a favorable experience for the end-user.

Grouping similar users together

After collecting data for user personalization, it is time to group similar users and segment them for pattern analysis. When you can figure out the similar interest and habits of users you can segment them for better customization. For instance, you can group all the users who did in-app purchase from logging in via Facebook or any other social media platform. You can use these data analytics to increase conversions and detect users who have a better lifetime value (LTV).

Push Notifications

When you get the data of the users you can use their names for push notifications. You can take advantage of push notifications in various ways. You can remind them on every occasion, which can be a good reminder when users get bored. You can use push notifications to grab the attention of the users by offering them updates regarding their favorite items. The key is to analyze the buying pattern and make the necessary suggestions based-upon those patterns.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

There is a shift in personal marketing as the custom marketing campaigns are getting quite popular these days. Most of the mobile app companies New York are gathering data and using it to market a group of users who share a common interest. In this way, there is a greater chance of more relevant click-through.

Another method is to use behavioral triggers. When a user reads 3 blog posts you can send a customized in-app message to purchase a product with a special offer.

These types of marketing campaigns are launched when an activity is triggered by the user. You just must set predefined event-based triggers.

Geo-Location marketing

When users see a location-based app there is a 40% chance that the user will purchase the product just because it is more convenient for them. You can show new items which are available at the nearest outlet of the store. You can provide travel advice, review of the restaurants, and guide users on special offers which are happening in their vicinity.

Have you tried the Starbucks app? The app highlights the song, which is being played in the store, provides info regarding the Starbucks loyalty program and tell you about your spending.

Another great example is of Nike Run Club app. This app follows your fitness routine and suggests you how to best-optimize your health based-upon your workout routine. It is just like carrying a fitness instructor in your pocket.

Final Thoughts

You need to recognize the importance and urgency of mobile app customization which is required to create a seamless mobile app experience. Just like big brands, small businesses need to follow through and make the most of custom mobile app development. It requires a lot of data, research, and monitoring to create a memorable mobile app experience.

These were some of the ways in which you can use custom mobile app data to create an experience which can serve you to create a better user experience. There is no need to use all the above-mentioned ways, you can try those which are working for you and leave the rest for others. You just need to master one or two matrices and do it with all the might. When done right these metrics will help you to create memorable experiences for the users and engage them in a vicious loop of brand power.

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