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How to make money selling websites in your city

InternetHow to make money selling websites in your city

If you want to start a new business or earn some extra money I’m going to explain some ways based on my experience to sell websites in a city where you live.

What you should learn before you start Learn to handle some CMS like wordpress and php/mysql to be able to edit and modify everything, sometimes clients are going to have special needs that a generic plugin does not solve, this will save you headaches, because the plugin saves you a lot of development time that to a medium or small client you can not bill him for more than he has good will, he can not pay you several hours of development to add a field or 2 in a form

Study the local market and add value

Identify a sector that can make a profit from your services, Businesses, and professionals that fall into that category can be: Real estate, restaurants, people who sell services. Because if you help them get customers in less than a week, they will see results in a short time and can recommend other customers

You can offer them the complimentary service of online advertising as I already commented in the post about how to start a hosting sales business. In my personal experience, you can get good customers with 5 USD per day campaigns for local businesses, there are cities where you will be the only advertiser in certain sectors, if a family member has a business of this type, it can be very lucrative for both.

Test yourself to differentiate yourself

Encourage yourself to start a referral “system”, where friends and family can recommend customers and you pay them a commission, so they help you get off the ground at first. You also can resell hosting, you can find any good provider in webs like codigohosting and sell to your clients the website + 1 year of hosting at a good price, and then you can accumulate customers for renewals

Finally, the best publicity is that you are responsible if you want to be successful or a good source of work for years must work very well your personal brand, if you are very busy work do not promise impossible deadlines, be honest, sometimes save the customer a few USD explaining how to solve any problem or need that has will make you earn much more in the long run.

Dedicate time to the local SEO

You can add your business in the google my business and your customers to appearing in the results of google maps local, professionals in sectors such as plumbers/plumbers, gas, hairdressers, home stores, can report good sales to appear in good positions.

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