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How To Make The Most Of A Small Wardrobe?

Home ImprovementHow To Make The Most Of A Small Wardrobe?

Find out how to make the most of a small wardrobe to get the best out of your clothes, without things feeling cramped.

Having a small wardrobe might seem like a bit of an issue. Especially if you have loads of clothes, or you share it with your partner. However, you can learn how to use that space well. No really, it’s much easier than you might think.

There’s no need to live with a wardrobe stuffed with clothes, over spilling and taking up space in your bedroom. You can gain enhanced wardrobe functionality, better aesthetics and organisation with these handy tips:

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Before you can start organising your wardrobe, you have to start decluttering it. For speed, bag up your excess and pop it into your cheap self storage unit (see https://storing.com/ for more info). If you have a little longer, bag it up and give it to charity or friends, or sell it. You’ll want to be pretty ruthless in order to properly strip back clothes, getting rid of anything damaged, unwearable, little-used or impulse buys that never paid off.

Put Everything Left On The Bed

Once you have your ‘keep’ items it is a great idea to lay them all out on the bed. You will be able to organise everything in piles depending on the best way for you to access them. For example: you have a work section, a casual section and a going out section.

Fix Up That Wardrobe

Now your wardrobe is empty it is a good time to clean it and ensure it is as functional as it can be, for a piece of furniture. Maybe it could benefit from some pull out containers? How about some new coat hangers? Some seasonal storage for quilts and winter clothes?

Could You Divide Your Things More?

Before you pop anything back in your wardrobe, could you divide it even more? Seasonal storage of clothes you only need half the year can work really well if you have a small wardrobe. Cheap self storage is a great idea for seasonal clothes storage, if this is an organisational method that could work for you.

Putting The Clothes Back In With Function In Mind

Now your items are divided and organised, it is time to place them in your wardrobe. Try to avoid any ‘back of the wardrobe’ storage if you can because clothes don’t tend to benefit, and those items tend to get forgotten over time.

Items should be clearly visible and folded, hung or rolled so you can get to them easily. Often we can have more space than we realise when our clothes are folded or hung well, rather than stuffed inside furniture.

Hopefully, you’re feeling a little more able to make the most of your compact wardrobe. Utilize decluttering, folding, seasonal self storage and internal baskets and containers to overhaul this important space. With a little rehash and change-up, you can enjoy a functional and accessible small wardrobe in your home.

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