How To Prepare Your Self Storage Unit For Spring/ Summer

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Find out how to get your cheap self storage space ready for being used in a different way this spring/ summer.

As a year-round self storage unit owner, you know that your unit gets used differently depending on the season. In winter, the unit is usually left untouched, whereas in the warmer months there are several reasons it sees more activity from you.

To help you prepare your self storage unit for the warmer months, here are our top tips:

Put Some Time Aside

When you have left your cheap self-storage unit (try for such a long time it can be easy to forget about it, leaving the space untouched and a little bit under-utilized. Do put some time aside to visit the unit as a first step to your preparation. That time is then allocated to get that first visit after winter is done.

Take Some Useful Equipment And Accessories

It is a really good idea to take some useful items with you on your first visit to your unit after winter. It means you are ready to at least make a start on getting the place tidy and organized. Here are some suggestions:

  • A handheld hoover
  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Some recycling bags
  • A notebook and pen
  • A torch
  • Anything you want to put straight into the unit
  • A sweeping brush

Get Started

Getting started means clearing up the dust, giving the place a bit of a rummage and reassessing what is currently in there. Try to remove anything like garden furniture, camping equipment, tools and furnishings first, then put your Christmas decorations and other winter items in. This turnaround then helps you see how much space you have left. If you are going to be using the unit for summer selling, crafts and renovations then you may want to look into a larger unit. You can usually opt for a much larger unit easily.

If you are going to leave the unit over summer then it may be you could actually have a smaller space and save some money. If you’re leaving it for a few months or more you could certainly benefit from paying for less space.

Prepping For Regular Use

If you will be using the space regularly throughout spring and summer you could definitely prepare it for that kind of use. Adding a comfy seat could be a great idea, as well as leaving that cleaning and packing kit we mentioned above. Having useful items there instead of having to take them to and from all the time is so helpful when you are constantly visiting your unit.

Hopefully, our tips above have helped you feel ready for your self storage unit usage over the warmer months. Although making the effort to make the switch can take some time, it will be worth it later down the line when you’re making the most of the space before Autumn comes around again.

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