How to Spend the Month of Ramadan?

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Ramadan is a month of blessings that comes every year for 30 days (sometimes even 29 days). The Muslims of all over the world do fasting the whole month and seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty.

Every culture has its own way of celebrating this beautiful month but in this article, I will share with you some tips on how you can spend this holy month and seek the maximum blessings from Him.

The Best Ways to Spend Ramadan

Here I have list down for you some of the best ways to spend Ramadan, no matter which culture you belong to.

1. Seek Forgiveness from Allah

First, of all we should spend our days and nights praying and seeking forgiveness from Allah. This is the time when He is closest to our hearts and has promised us that He will listen to all our prayers. So, why not seek forgiveness from Him to get a place in Heaven.

2. Read The Holy Quran

The revelation of Quran took place during Ramadan as we must be thankful to Allah that He has provided us with a book that has all the guidelines for this and other life. It is usually considered a best practice to finish the Quran at least once during this Holy month.

3. Pray for your Relatives

How can we forget our friends and family members? We can invite them for Iftar, send them Ramadan Mubarak wishes or even pray for them and seek forgiveness for them from Allah Almighty. Whenever possible try to follow this beautiful guideline from our Prophet (PBUH): Always like for others the same as you like for yourself.

4. Never Forget the Poor People

Instead of arranging big Iftar parties and inviting the well-established people we must do the opposite. You cannot imagine how much He will be happy if you break the fast of poor people who don’t have enough food. It is important to consider that you always try to make God happy and not the people.

5. Give Donations to The Needy

Donation is another way to celebrate this beautiful month to its fullest. This way you will not only help the poor people to take the blessings of this holy month by fasting but you will also make Allah happy, and maybe this would become the reason of your forgiveness.

The Bottom Line

The moral of the story is, never ever try to make people happy, and try to make Allah Almighty happy. If He becomes happy with you, you cannot imagine the blessings from Him.

You never know what could be the reason of your forgiveness. Always try to do good deeds and seek forgiveness from Him.

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