Installing Solar Panels

Solar Power: Is Your Roof Suitable for Installing Solar Panels?

Many people are now turning to solar because of increasing energy prices. The Solar Power Industry in America will be worth $12 billion in 2022. They expect it to rise in the same year by 11.1%. That said, solar panels installation is getting more popular these days. They make an exceptional addition to your home by sustaining it with free-of-cost power.

Are you planning on getting solar panels? Read more to know if your home has the correct requirements for installing solar panels.

Check Your Type of Roof

The best location on where to install solar panels is always the roof. But before installing, you must see if your roof can withstand the panels.

Assess whether the material used for your roof is suitable for solar panels. The ideal roof for solar panels is a flat roof or Galvanized Iron (GI) sheet roof.

Wood and slate roofing is unsuitable because they might break in the installation. Materials like concrete and clay are also not the best roof for solar panels because they’re brittle and hard to drill.

Re-evaluate the sturdiness of your roof if you have an old house for extra measures. These panels and mounting pieces can weigh 275kg, so better be careful. You don’t want your investment falling to your head.

Measuring Roof Size

After checking the roof, measure the entirety of your roof to see if the panels will fit. The best top for solar panels is spacious but if you don’t have that, compensate for the size of the panels.

Measure your roof by climbing on it and using a tape measure. If you’re not confident about that, try consulting your previous foreman for the size.

The larger the area, the more solar panels you can get. An average household needs 20 to 24 solar panels. If your roofs cannot withstand that, it’s better to place them in other areas of your house.

If you’re curious about how to install solar panels on your roof, check Blue Raven solar company. They will help you with everything you need to have the best solar panels.

Check Your Roof Orientation

Another element you must check for your roof is its placement. The sunlight plays an important role, so check the sunlight’s direction on your ceiling.

If your roof is facing north, northwest, or northeast, you’re in luck because it’s the best angle. The sun will give your roof better exposure which means better solar power.

Other directions are also okay, like east and west. They’re better for morning and afternoon use because the sun gives direct power to the panels.

The benefit of solar panels is decreasing electricity consumption. They lessen your electric bills and help the environment too. Some solar panels can also give you rebates and earn tax credits in other countries.

Learn More About Installing Solar Panels Now

The use of solar panels is cost-efficient and ecological. It gives you and your home sustainability, so installing one is a good investment.

Checking your roof and other elements can help you assess whether you can get panels or not. Consult professionals if you’re unsure about installing solar panels. Don’t get solar panels without planning everything out.

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