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Is It Illegal to Ride an Electric Skateboard on The Road?

LegalIs It Illegal to Ride an Electric Skateboard on The Road?


Electric skateboards have dramatically increased prominence in recent years. These high-tech, fun, and powerful innovations have transformed ordinary push skateboards into portable and extremely capable transportable vehicles. However, users residing in the US often want to know if riding an electric skateboard is illegal or can ride it on the road.

Though electric skateboards differ from regular skateboards, they are inextricable to several electric transportation equipment or tools. As it is an innovative product, they fall beyond the existing regulations and laws; but it would be beneficial to figure out the rules.

This guide will help you know if it is legal to ride electric skateboards on the road and the local laws regulating its usage.

Is it illegal to ride an electric skateboard on the road?

As stated by LumBuy laws on electric skateboards, skateboards are classified as personal transporters, compact vehicles to transport a single person with up to sixteen miles per hour speed. Besides, these transportation tools are gaining recognition, and legislators determine their accommodation, regulation, and classification through its heightened invention phase.

Although no federal rules or laws govern using electric skateboards, it does not indicate they are permitted. Every state has its restrictions and rules for the usage of electric skateboards. As electric skateboards have no specific regulations, a few laws may apply to them.

Electric skateboards are legal in most states

Law for skateboards differs from state to state in the U.S.A. Besides, laws vary between cities and even state laws to regulate low-power vehicles. Electric skateboards, unfortunately, do not satisfy the minimal set of design standards needed for any vehicle type to be licensed on the road. Many states have not legalized using electric skateboards, but there are a few places in the U.S.A where riding electric skateboards are legalized.

Watch out for local laws regulating the use of electric skateboards

The usage of micro-mobility vehicles on pedestrians and sidewalks is prohibited by most city and state laws. In a few states, they are also subject to speed limits and local traffic laws.  

Electric Skateboard Laws in California:

The legal document associated with electrically monetized boards, AB-604 released on 11th October 2015, regulates operating EPAMD, or Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, including electric skateboards. Besides, for the electric skateboard user, not following the mentioned guidelines would be regarded as illegal.

  • Rides over highways are prohibited.
  • Power should not exceed 1000 watts.
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or drugs.
  • Riding over public property over 15mph is forbidden.
  • You must be a minimum of 16 years and wear a helmet while riding an electric skateboard.
  • Your electric skateboard must be equipped with red reflectors over the rear, yellow over the sides, and a white front headlight.

Electric Skateboard Laws in Florida:

There are no restrictions in Florida associated with the usage of electric skateboards. You can ride it till you don’t trespass on the property of others. However, the EPAMD law states precautions while using electricity skateboards.

  •  You must ride on the designated bicycle paths and roads with a 25 mph or less speed limit.
  • While riding the electric skateboards, provide an audio signal before bypassing a pedestrian or overtaking, and concede the right-of-way to pedestrians on a sidewalk.

Electric Skateboard Laws in Michigan:

The rules or laws governing electric skateboards differ from other states and are called the “Law of Scooters.”

  •  Under Michigan Legislature section 257.658 (4), the skateboard or scooter operator under 19 should wear a crash helmet over their head.
  •  Under Michigan Legislature section 257.658 (9), children under 12 are forbidden to ride an electric skateboard or electric scooter on streets or public highways.        
  • While riding 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset, your electric skateboards must be equipped with both red light lamp to the rear and front white light lamp visible and rear from a minimum of 500 feet, and red rear or refractor.
  • You cannot ride over 25 mph, give an audible signal while passing pedestrians or before overtaking” and “yield the right of way to a pedestrian” while riding on sidewalks.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in NYC:

  • As per the new law, people in NYC are permitted to ride electric-skateboard on a few highways and streets.
  • These devices are permitted on highways only with speeds not exceeding 30 Mbps.
  • Except for authorization of local ordinances or laws, you may not use them on sidewalks.

Stay safe when riding your electric skateboard on the road

You must wear full protective gear, including wrist, elbow, and knee protection, and a helmet to stay safe while riding your electric skateboard on the road. Besides, attach lights to your helmet and skateboard, avoid drinking and riding, and ride as per your capability.

With the electric skateboard, you can match the traffic speed and ride much faster. The unique braking system of electric skateboards ensures that users control their speed on the downhill, uphill, or flat surfaces.

Also, legality depends on your local laws, so be sure to check with your state government or local police department. Many cities have ordinances that prohibit riding e-boards on their sidewalks, but you still have plenty of places to go!

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