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It’s Simple, LetsPartii®

LifestyleIt’s Simple, LetsPartii®

We have heard that everything is digital and that’s not new.Well what’s new is that partying is also now on the app.There is a new app called LetsPartii® and it will change the entire way someone looks at partying.

The CEO and Founder of LetsPartii® app the actor and musician
Arian Romal.

LetsPartii® app is available in 35+ countries and counting.

It has more than 150.000 events inside the app within the first 4 months itself.

It enables you to book, attend and invite your friends all in one click and guess what, you don’t even need any promoters as you can add yourself and your friends to the guest list and much more.

LetsPartii® is the new platform where everything is happening, even if you’re not in Party mood, you can still use the app to share pictures, chat, find new friends and have a lot of fun.
Its redefining usage of social media and it helps you to be in touch with your party friends like no other media.

LetsPartii® gives you a host of options starting from knowing what’s happening where, book your tables, pay for your entry and much more.
One definitely has to check it out before knowing what all it features.
What really struck us is the tagline of the app.

It’s called ” it’s simple, LetsPartii® “.The CEO and founder of the app Mr. Arian Romal is a musician and actor himself and we spoke to him to know about the app,” it’s an app that will completely change how partying and connecting with other people is.We are available right now is 35 countries and counting and we are planning to go global.

The idea is to create the Google and Uber of partying, connecting with friends and share the best moment of your life with the world.
This has been my brainchild and it’s been on the reckoning for quite some time now.

As business owner, you can now download ‘’LetsPartii ® Partner’’ App and create your events, share pictures & videos to the entire world, promote your events and check guest list before your events starts.It’s the best business tool for Night Clubs, Restaurants, Bars, Live Shows and etc.”

LetsPartii® app has a platform, ‘’LetsPartii ® Talent’’ where you could get yourself verified as an artist, model, actor, influencer or even start your promotion work as a professional.

LetsPartii® is live in many countries right now. It’s changing how people are perceiving parties and chatting. It has the absolute cut throat technology to support it.
 Some of the brightest minds are working on it as we speak.
We are waiting to see a revolution and we can’t wait to see how far it goes in here.

You can download the app for free from:

App Store & Google Play Store


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