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Kitchen Organisation Tips for Great Interior Style

Home ImprovementKitchen Organisation Tips for Great Interior Style

Your kitchen is the hub of your family home. It’s where you cook, create, eat, socialise and dust yourself off with a warming cup of coffee every single day, so you want it to be as organised and well put together as possible, right? Thought so! You’d be absolutely forgiven for finding your kitchen in a bit of a state of disarray, as the busiest room in the house it’s bound to get a little disorganised from time to time, nobody’s perfect. There are, however, a few ways in which you can bring a little structure and direction to your kitchen, whilst also adding to the style factor, too! Here’s how you can switch up your kitchen with a few simple style and storage solutions…

Look Upwards

Feeling cramped for space on your floor plan or in your kitchen cabinets? Look upwards! Your walls have so much potential for decoration and storage it’s crazy, and if you haven’t taken advantage of them already then it’s high time you did. Install floating shelves for a chic, minimalist feel, create a curated picture gallery wall for a personal touch or bring in a multitude of art pieces and keepsakes to switch up the entire feel of the room. Whatever suits your style!

Rethink Those Drawers

Kitchen drawers are masters at gathering all manner of clutter and disarray, and we all know that true beauty starts from the inside. Have a mass resort of all of your kitchen drawers – yes, even that dreaded catch all drawer that we all have. This is a great opportunity to do a really deep clean as well, which is always good to do especially in a room as food oriented as the kitchen.

Invest in Your Storage

Storage is one of the main things that you should look at investing in if you have room in your budget for a new piece of furniture, and a kitchen that feels stressfully messy. Look at investing in a beautiful, timeless piece crafted from natural materials such as glass or timber to secure something that you’ll love and get plenty of use out of for many, many years to come. A good old-fashioned book case, buffets, display cabinets and even sideboards are amazing items to consider for the kitchen. All of these bring both ample storage opportunities and the option for great styling in or on top of the piece, the best of both worlds! Who doesn’t love a bit of style and substance in the kitchen?

Add a Pop of Colour

If your home is feeling more drab than fab, then you can always toy around with adding just one bold pop of colour to each room. This is an excellent, cost effective means of switching up the entire atmosphere of your home. Add colour with accessories such as throw pillows, picture frames, soft furnishings and ceramics for a flash of personality here and there. You can even adjust your accent tone to work with the changing seasons.

Clear the Electrical Clutter

Finally, just clear away those wires! This is probably the most simple and cost effective trick in the book, but oh wow does it get you some great results! Tuck your tech away, tape it to the back of your furniture or gather wires in country style baskets scattered around your counter. Any way that you think of to conceal unsightly, chunky wires is going to make such a big difference to the overall look and feel of your whole home.

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself with a gorgeously organised and comfortable kitchen to spend your family time in.

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