Laser Photo Vaporization of Prostate

Laser Photo Vaporization of Prostate

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Photo Vaporization of the prostate is known to be the new laser treatment that is combined with the effectiveness of the invasive surgical process with ease and safety of the minimally invasive procedure. The photo Vaporization prostate can remove excess prostate tissue by using high power patented green light laser.

Let’s know about the photo vaporization process

This process allows an even number of patients on blood-thinning therapy like warfarin or aspirin to be treated. They can also treat vast prostate glands that are not amenable for current procedures and are usually required for opening surgical approaches.

This process removes the access amount of tissues so that the urinary symptoms are removed rapidly and accompanied by some dramatic improvement in the natural flow of urine. Most of the patients are mainly released in less than 24 hours, and many cases, without a catheter. The time of recovery is much short and also comfortable with the minimum level of side effects.

The PVP surgery is mainly used to provide relief from moderate to severe urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate, which is called a symptom of our condition of benign prostatic hyperplasia. During this laser surgery process, the doctor inserts the scope using tape of the penis into a tube that can carry urine from your urethra. This prostate surrounds the ureter and then delivers past through delivering the scope energy that shrinks and removes the access amount of tissues that prevent urine flow.

Effects of laser surgery

This type of laser surgery always offers different types of advantages over other methods for treating BPH. It includes some of the advantages like lowering the risk of bleeding where after surgery it can provide a good option for men who are taking medication for thinning their blood and have some disorder of bleeding that does not allow blood to clot normally. This lizard surgery can also be done based on an outpatient or just using an overnight stay at the hospital.

What occurs?

In this process, once the patient is getting anesthetized, Then the doctor inserts thin fiber into the urethra of the patient by using cystoscopy, which is an instrument that can allow the doctor to examine the prostate and bladder. This fiber can deliver green laser energy that can quickly get vaporized and can precisely remove all the enlarged prostate tissue. Some doctors can safely view and control the treatment area by tailoring into the individual’s anatomy and needs.

As the tissues are removed and vaporized, so divided opening channels are created. The natural flow of urine is immediately being restored, and the urinary symptoms are quickly relieved. This treatment of the laser light process has been proven safe, durable, and effective in the clinical studies conducted over five years. Thousands of laser photo Vaporization prostate surgeries have been performed successfully, and general hospitals are also offering this type of treatment to men suffering from an enlarged prostate.

The benefit of laser surgery

There are many benefits of this process of leisure surgery that includes immediate relief from the symptom, and the patient is given treatment catheter typically free within 24 hours is immediately after completion of the process; it also improves the flow of urine dramatically after the bloodless virtual process, The patient is also able to return to the ordinary level of their daily activities within 2 to 3 days.

Photoselective Vaporization of the prostate is lesser when vaporized excess prostate tissues and enlarges the urinary channel. Some other procedures also include holmium laser ablation of the prostate that is a procedure similar to the photoselective process, but it uses different types of laser.

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