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Latest Creativity In Textile And Fashion Designing

FashionLatest Creativity In Textile And Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is vast and technological innovations are making it more creative and stunning. From sewing machine to e-commerce evolution, fashion designing and industry are moving forward with artistic ideas and latest technology. When talking about innovation and creativity in this area, the thing comes initially in mind is, what’s new? Nowadays, creativity and technology are moving parallel to each other. With this, you must ensure to have a good command of designing software to create a stunning impression.

Designing is definitely a complex and difficult job to perform as compared to the past. But with the introduction of advanced technologies in fashion design, the designing has become more interesting and competitive too.

In this article, we’ll discuss a bit more about the fashion industry, innovations and technology used in this industry, and creative cloud use for the beginners.

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Product Design and Robotics

Nowadays, many renowned fashion brands are getting more help from AI than before to understand more about customers. Robotics is also advancing fashion designing than ever before. With the invention of Sewbots (robots designed for sewing), the accurate and speedy designs of sewing are made available at the least cost.

In this way, AI is bringing change in fashion technology to brands from forecasting to merchandising.


It is ERP-based software built for the fashion industry that also ensures to keen look at product development, costing, and design. It delivers magnificent programming techniques. This software remains up-to-date with the current features in the fashion and textile industry. It provides better real-time insight into inventory that helps businesses to get more sales opportunities. Not only that, but it also provides raw material supervision as it has a raw material module in its system.

What’s more? Yes, it has more for the users to deliver. It provides smart apparel costing, including labor, shipping, taxes, supplier, and other financial costs through a smart calculator. In this way, this software is offering more ease to the textile industry with excellent and up-to-date features.


It is another management software designed for the textile industry. Along with productivity tools, it reduces the gap between actual fabric and concept. With this stunning ability, users can get the best preview of the possible product look.

Its latest features enable users to handle complex fabrics to make them designed in the required color and within estimated cost to send them to the production department. Moreover, its easy woven features make the fashion industry to design outstanding fabrics.

Its latest and unique apparel design programs are Cataloging Pro and Storyboard that makes the designers develop storyboards, product collections, fabric design presentations, lie sheets, product collections, garment sketches, and all merchandising related information.

Today, creativity has a more impact on fashion design, and it is possible to design a stunning fabric without using the newest technology far spread nowadays.

3D design and Printing

Without exploring the new journeys in 3D printing, you can’t get what you actually want. Brands like Super Celebrity Jackets are exploring new ways to develop attractive designs. In this approach, AI has a vast impact on generating designs to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Although, these 3D design software like CLO requires hand-on-experience but ensure the perfect design. If you are a newbie in fashion design, then the first thing is to make yourself up-to-date with the latest software. Why is 3D software important? They can improve the design’s quality by minimizing the errors in the sample before it goes for finalizing.

Digital Knitting

It’s another a creative technique that is grooming the textile industry and entertaining the designers by making improved strides. It is another area in 3D printing providing more customization. With today’s digital knitting technology, the seamless garment can be made through yarn cones within just an hour, the creation of digital knitting, and many other things within the least time than before.

Body Scanning

As the fashion industry is gaining more fame, it is going to be more familiar with the technology. Today, technology has made the fashion industry more competitive. Body scanning technology is one of them. In the past, several designs failed as they weren’t fit for the specific body type. With this technology, it is made possible to make perfect designs for a unique body type.

Smart tailoring (Direct Panel on Loom)

It is another technology aim to deliver stunning outcomes to the fashion industry. As smartphones are revolutionizing the communication, smart tailoring is doing the same with fashion. In this technology, a loom is connected with a laptop or computer. Doing this, the input design, color, size, etc. is tailored by loom. It reduces delivery times which is an important factor in the textile industry. It is enough here, and it provides better design continuity and finishing, more variety, lesser waste, and multiple textures. It is energy efficient too and saves up to 80% of energy. It means that more efficient work can be attained in the least time and money with this technology.

Now, what’s next? Below is some software that helps you grow in this field. If you are a new one to this industry, you must take an initiate now to align yourself with the fashion world.

Adobe Illustrator

Use of Adobe Illustrator in Fashion Designing

It is the basic designing software that is best to practice. It is one of the most commonly used software in the textile industry. Logos, comics, and many other graphics are performed using this software.


Autodesk helps you design more digitally realize ideas to implement. From AutoCAD to Sketchbook Pro, it provides more designer-friendly applications.

Cameo v6

It is although for professionals to make materialistic designs. No matters, you are using custom designs or mass production, it provides better options and patterns.

How to Use Adobe Creative Cloud in Designing?

This is an informative and basic guide on how you can use the creative cloud in fashion designing.

  • Initially, what you have to do is to set up the design template in Adobe Illustrator. Now, create a sample in Adobe Photoshop of any denim pattern and color by using a halftone dot pattern. Now, use the diffuse option to stylize it.

It’s not enough yet! Paste this sample in Illustrator in repeating pattern (available in Swatches panel). This is a simple way to design anything that comes in your mind. Remember! Creativity doesn’t come at an initial stage. Keep yourself in practice to design something dominant and new.

  • Create smart impressions through Smart Objects in Photoshop. This sort of 3-dimensional impression will allow you to make stunning designs.

While innovating something different especially in fashion designing needs creative thought, and if you are able to work on Photoshop and Illustrator easily, you will get an innovative design.

  • Another important thing is color indexing and reduction. It is essential for you to learn how to index a good print! I will help you to recolor your design. Use the indexed Color menu present in the Image drop-down menu to organize and customize the colors in your designs.

These are some basic designing tips that help you to initiate the designing efforts. But, it is essential to remain in touch with the newest technologies that are making fashion designing more creative and competitive.

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