Learning Management System: Top 6 Must-Have Features of LMS

Top 6 Must-Have Features of a Learning Management System

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Interactive learning has remained an integral component of education for ages. However, technological advancement has considerably changed the meaning of interaction by innovation. As a result, the learning management system (LMS) frequently appear in the discussions of businesspeople for moving from traditional to modern learning. These systems ensure all essential features of real-time delivery of knowledge content to the end-users in the best ways possible.

So, are you ready to invest in a learning management system? Yes! But, struggling with but’s and if’s of features and functionalities?  The article is aimed to provide you with everything you need to know about LMS – keep reading!

The Scope and Significance of a Learning Management System

Online learning is gained higher popularity over the years. It is owing to the ease of management and effectiveness of results. Many organizations with varying goals and objectives have already deployed LMS to achieve their desired outcomes while others are looking for specialized options. It is because a professional web development company in Dubai should be hired for designing, development, and deployment of the LMS.

Generally, the learning materials and assets are uploaded on the web portal with a comprehensive learning environment for the students. It enables learners to explore the courses through remote access. In this way, learning management systems brings ultimate benefits, including:

  • Equal learning opportunities for all and sundry
  • Effective management without any prejudice
  • No involvement of personal bias in learning outcomes
  • LMS offers higher scalability of skills grooming programs
  • Easy to upgrade for adding new learning functions
  • Comprehensive features of evaluation and reporting
  • LMS offers ease of use for both the students and teachers
  • Ensure an interactive learning experience through stimulations

Top Features to Look for In Your New Learning Management System

Nevertheless, LMS is equally beneficial for educational institutions and corporate organizations. After all, learning is an on-going process that every individual requires either formally or informally. Reportedly, companies spend billions of dollars on the skills grooming of their employees. So, a system with all essential facilities of skills grooming programs, training courses, and students’ educational materials can help the organizations to stand out unique among the rest.

Seems convinced? It’s the right time to check out fundamental features and functionalities of a learning management system suitable for every organization in general. Let’s have a look:

1. Impressive User Interface (UI)

The user interface of the LMS should be easy to understand and operate. For this purpose, the targeted audience should be considered in detail to meet their requirements with a feature-rich system. Therefore, a neat and clean theme having essential functions of login, logout, easy navigation, discussion boards, and demonstrations module can significantly help to improve the user experience.

Don’t forget to test the UI design of your learning portal before deployment. The design elements should meet the criterion of a good LMS for effective learning.

2. Learner support services

Last but not least, it is imperative to offer different types of support services to the learners for making their educational journey successful. For example, the learner may want to contact the administration or chat with the moderators. In any situation, the facilities of effective communication. The best way is to integrate AI-driven chatbots to bridge the gap between the trainers and trainees, stirring hot debates and constructive conversations.

Moreover, the LMS should comply with web accessibility guidelines to ensure equal opportunities for learning for all individuals, even the one with a disability. It will enhance usability along with other support services.

3. Extensive features of gamification

Gone are the days when learning was a dull and tedious activity. The technology has revolutionized the ways to groom the intellectual skills of the individuals using brain-stimulating games. You should not ignore the importance of integrating such gaming activities for your learning management system. It brings multiple benefits, including learning and motivation.

4. Responsiveness of web portal design

The world has considerably changed, giving rise to the pervasiveness of technology. It is imperative to understand that people access websites using various devices and gadgets as internet surfing is not limited to computers. Therefore, a multiplatform-friendly LMS will be the best option for your teaching and training needs.

In this way, the companies can ensure an awe-inspiring user experience by getting a web portal having the primary facilities of adjusting at every screen effectively. For this purpose, you will have to consider responsive design for the learning management system.

5. Assessment techniques and tools

Learning without evaluation is useless. Owing to this, the learners should be assessed periodically based on their engagement in the learning process. Keeping this in view, the learning management system for your organization should have assessment tools and techniques integrated successfully. For example, you can add a feature of periodical tests and quizzes generated automatically at the end of a course. In other ways, you can get an element of customized questionnaires designed manually whenever you want to assess the performance of your learners.

6. Comprehensive analytics and reports ready

The performance of a learner’s activities is monitored through analytics. The institutions generate reports after considering these results for report cards. A system without having the feature of analytics cannot provide a practical evaluation of a learner’s performance. Therefore, it is imperative to get an LMS with comprehensive features of a learning outcomes analysis and reporting. The function should focus on the following aspects:

  • Learner’s engagement to the available online content
  • Objectives of the learning materials based Needs
  • Robust evaluation and generation of reports

Choose The Best Learning Management System For Your Institution!

Now when you are thinking of getting an LMS for your organization, just consider for a while if there is an industry that doesn’t need it? Inevitably, every organization should focus on the learning requirements of their stakeholders and take measures accordingly.

However, an LMS without all essential features integrated professionally may not help you to serve your requirements effectively. So, never get a chance when you can acquire the services of a professional web development company in Dubai to ensure the fully-functional learning platform of your choice.

Don’t forget to choose an ideal learning management system after considering your requirements and learning trends globally!

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