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Lesser-Known Information About A Temp Agency

CareersLesser-Known Information About A Temp Agency

Did you read the term- temp agency for the first time? It is a temporary employment agency that provides employees with companies. They are Human Resource Executives who are not part of the company but act as their talent acquisition managers. For a company, they perform many roles like that of the HR department. The main difference is that temp agencies supply talent to business via short-term contracts or, say, indefinite temporary positions. 

Why Companies Choose Employment Agencies?

The main reason why companies reach such agencies is their wide reach. Sometimes, a company needs a rare profile candidate, and finding the best match seems difficult. With the help of the wider applicant pool, these agencies can provide access to appropriate candidates for the company. Moreover, a worker who is unemployed forth long-term sees a temp agency as a source of hope. They have access to a difficult job market and make it possible for the company to get a highly qualified and talented employee and, on the other hand, bring a job for an unemployed. 

Sizes And Sectors

Like the other industries, this corporate sector is available in many sizes. You can find some local and single-story offices acting as small employment agencies and also come to know about large multinational agencies who have access to millions of candidates. Many are generalists that cover versatile sectors such as arts, hospitality, health, administration, information, industry, and many more. Oppositely, some temp agencies work in a very specified field.

Employment Agencies- Playing A Lot of Roles

1. Screening the workers according to the qualification, job roles, and experience. Then they weed out unsuitable applicants and filter out certain things.

2. A company that is looking for temporary candidates to sign a contract with the agency. The contract consists of types of workers, cost paid per hour, and all other details.

3. The next step is to draw workers with the desired skill set from the pool of applicants. They are then sent to the company.

4. The worker gets paid by the agency, and the employer pays off the agency based on agreed hourly wages. Moreover, an additional amount is sent to the agency to meet other requirements and provide the required services.

Advantages of Temp Agencies To Employers

In many countries, it is known that companies choose employment agencies because they get a chance to adopt cost-cutting techniques. For example, they can save money that provides vacation time, medical insurance, and many more benefits. The US has become a hub of such employment agencies. In the data provided by the US Dept of Labour, temp agencies have employed more than 2 million people. 

Cost To Hire An Employment Agency

As known, the specific cost of hiring a temp agency depends on a lot of things. The jobs that required unskilled people would cost less to the agency; hence you also need to pay less. On the other hand, in the case of hiring highly qualified and skilled employees, the cost varies. The fee structure and the upfront payment should be disclosed before beginning the process.

Advantages To Workers

Not only one, but a worker can have access to dozens of potential jobs when reaching out to an employment agency. This process saves a lot of time and energy that goes into applying and getting interviewed for multiple jobs. A worker can also get employed by a company to test whether he is fit for the role and whether the company fulfills his/her expectations. Hence, it saves from the hustle of problems faced while working as a full-time employee at a permanent position. In other words, temp agencies are capable of providing workers access to permanent jobs without consuming much of the time. 

How Workers Can Apply To A Temp Agency

The process is very simple; the workers just have to submit a resume as they do while applying directly to a company. The next step is to fill out an application form where they can write about themselves and stand out from the rest. The screening test involves conducting a background check or even drug tests in some cases. If you are accepted to the agency’s workforce, then you might become eligible for many other jobs. According to the skill set, they might be getting an invitation to a telephonic interview. Your salary or we can say, the temp agency would decide your rate per hour. The agency would pay you, and the agency would be paid by the company you are working for. Then the rest of the process is similar to the traditional employment one. If you have any kind of doubt, you can raise it to the supervisor—nothing to worry about on those terms.

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