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List of 4 Unusual Coffees that You Must Try in 2020

LifestyleList of 4 Unusual Coffees that You Must Try in 2020

Cheese coffee

It might sound strange, but it is a real deal and can become a new trendy drink as cheese tea did in 2017. 

If you are a cheese lover and apparently you also love coffee, then this is a perfect drink for you. The savory of cheese mixed with the aroma of coffee creates a perfect balance and smooth texture.

Similar to cheese tea, but in this case, brewed tea is replaced by cold brew coffee. A cup of cheese coffee will consist of cold brew coffee served over ice, then top with a mixture of cream cheese and whipped cream.

In fact, coffee with cheese is not a new drink concept. In Scandinavia, people drink coffee with cheese cubes from hundreds of years ago, and it is called “kaffeost.” The cheese in kaffeost is bread cheese, which traditionally made from reindeer milk.

Egg coffee

When I first heard of it, I thought it would smell very eggy and hard to drink. However, it is entirely not; instead, it is super delicious.

Egg coffee was invented around 1940 in Hanoi, Viet Nam. At that time, milk is scarce and very expensive in Viet Nam; thus, egg york was used as a replacement. 

To make this coffee, you need a Vietnamese coffee maker, ground coffee, condensed milk, sugar, and egg yolk.  

Egg York will be beaten will sugar, condensed milk until you see the light frothy. The mixture is then poured into a cup of black coffee.

Egg coffee can be served hot or cold. 

For the authentic taste, Vietnamese coffee bean is highly recommended since it is one of the crucial factors that make this drink unique and delicious.

Mushroom coffee

Everybody knows that mushroom is a healthy food which provides a rich source of protein and vitamins. Besides, the medicinal mushroom is also used as a popular ingredient in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. However, not many people know the existence of mushroom coffee – a drink that not only gives you great taste but health benefits.

What is mushroom coffee?

Mushroom coffee is simply a mixture of regular coffee with medicinal mushroom powder. Chaga, cordyceps, and reishi are three common species that used to produce mushroom coffee.

The coffee does not have a mushroomy taste as we think since these medicinal mushrooms have more muted flavor. 

Mushroom coffee has less acidity compared to regular coffee, which makes it an excellent alternative for those who have a sensitive stomach. Besides, the caffeine content in mushroom coffee is also half of the regular coffee, which is the same as caffeine content in green tea.

In the US, you can easily find mushroom coffee in the supermarket or on Amazon. They are typically sold as single-serving packets. 

Sparkling coffee

After cold brew coffee, sparking coffee or coffee soda is the latest trend this year. As its name, it is a combination of pop and coffee, which makes it both caffeinated and carbonated. Sparking coffee is a perfect drink for summer day and night.

Sparking coffee is usually served over ice with a hint of vanilla syrup for sweetness, no cream or milk. A slice of lemon is also a common add-on for this carbonated coffee drink.

You can easily make sparking coffee at home with cold brew coffee, a can of sparkling water, and a glass of ice. In the US, there are a few brands that start selling this carbonated coffee in a can, which makes it even more convenient to try it.

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