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Lower Back Pain; Everything One Should Know

Health & MedicalLower Back Pain; Everything One Should Know

The lower back or Lumbar Spine is the support system of the body. Its complex structure helps in keeping the right posture, provides strength, agility, and flexibility to the body. It’s the part that provides maximum movement, from sitting to bending to twisting. It’s responsible for all of it. 

Why Does One Experience Lower Back pain?

The lower back’s complex structure is made up of ligaments, muscles, bone joints, and discs. If an injury happens to any of the parts, it could lead to acute lower back pain, restraining one from doing everyday activities smoothly and constructing one range of motion. There are three types of pain, acute, chronic and subacute. 

Acute is something that doesn’t last for a very long time, while chronic pain is something that is caused due to an underlying issue and lasts for longer periods, 3 months or more, if not treated immediately. The third type is subacute pain, which lasts lesser than three months but for a longer period than acute pain does.

  • Sprain and Strain; The two are the major causes of acute pain. There could make a sudden moment that would have caused the muscle to stretch too far, causing a muscle strain to happen. Or it would have directly affected the ligament by excessive stretching, leading to a ligament sprain. Though these may be causes of acute pain, it can still take considerably a good amount of time to recover and heal completely.
  • The other type is chronic pain, which can damage the disc, joint, or nerves connecting to the lower back. There could be several reasons, and it’s best to take the advice of a doctor if the pain lasts for more than three months without showing any signs of improvement.

Broad Categories:

Lower back pain, except for being divided into acute, subacute, and chronic, is divided into two broader spectra.

  • Radicular Pain; It is caused due to an injury of effect on the spinal nerve root. They may become inflamed and cause severe unbearable pain.
  • Mechanical Pain; This type is caused by any damage to the muscles, ligaments, or bone joints. And is not only felt in the lower back region but also tends to pose pressure on the buttocks and upper legs, making it difficult for one to stand, sit or do everyday activities normally.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain?

If the pain persists for more than six weeks, i.e., it is either subacute type or chronic pain, it is best advised that it takes medical professionals’ help. Depending on the situation, the doctor may advise medicines, physiotherapy, or maybe surgery if necessary.

But if the pain just started, taking a few precautions and following some home remedies may make it heal without medications.

  • If the back pain started because of a sudden motion, it is best advised not to repeat the same motion until recovery is made. One should take proper rest and avoid any activities which will put pressure and exert the lower back.
  • With rest, one should try out hold and cold compressions. It helps in increasing the blood flow, speeding up the recovery process. But it’s important to keep in mind that one should continuously do neither hot nor cold compressions for a longer period. It shouldn’t be more of damage than cure.
  • If the pain seems unbearable and inflammation is seen, one can also use anti-inflammatory medicines or pain relief medicines as an alternative. But only consume it if it becomes unbearable. A doctor’s advice is the best consideration to make in such circumstances.

Lower back pain is not very uncommon, and rather it’s something everyone would’ve experienced. But it’s important to keep in check how long it lasts and if it’s improving or not. It can cause an underlying issue that might need doctors’ assistance as quickly as possible. Home remedies and treatments do work, but medical help should be the first preference if it’s too serious.

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