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4 Meaningful Celeb NFTs You Should Know About

Technology4 Meaningful Celeb NFTs You Should Know About


There was a time (yesteryear) when your favorite celebrities confined themselves to promoting their latest album, movie, makeup brand, or even diet tea. Has your social media news feed lately been sledgehammered with celebrities persuading you to join the cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) bandwagon?

Then you’re also an indirect part of the celeb NFT chatter. While some of it has been a disaster, other celebs are using this opportunity to impact the world positively. And listed below are the top meaningful celebrity NFTs you should know about.

1. Shaq Gives Back – Shaquille O’Neal

Commonly known as Shaq, the former NBA star, Shaquille O’Neal, has long been known for his support toward underserved populace and youth groups. Teaming up with the Boys and Girls Club of America, his Shaq Foundation has helped uplift underprivileged youth across the country.

In December 2021, Shaq revealed his plans to start the Shaq Gives Back NFT, and just within a week’s time, the NFT raised $2 million. The token’s huge success could also be attributed to the holiday season.

However, it encouraged other charitable organizations and communities to gather pace with their fundraising. And given the token’s performance, Shaq plans to continue with celeb NFT and the metaverse.

2. World of Women – Reese Witherspoon

For the longest time, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been dominated by man. To change this dynamic, Yam Karaki started the World of Women NFT collection, of which Reese Witherspoon purchased a token.

While the collection’s popularity skyrocketed with Witherspoon’s involvement, she did not stop there. Her company, by the name Hello Sunshine, extensively partnered with the project to help the World of Women create more meaningful content. Also, character expansion is currently underway, which may help create a movement that resonates more with the public (especially women).

3. Drive/Sleep/Walk with Kate – Kate Moss

Kate Moss, the American supermodel, has also jumped onto the bandwagon of celebrity NFTs. After a decade-long success in modeling, she has taken to releasing her own tokens under the name – Drive/Sleep/Walk with Kate. Her NFT features videos from her everyday life, displaying her deeply engaged in activities like driving, sleeping, walking, etc.

While Moss is raising awareness about NFTs through her tokens, she doesn’t stop there. Every penny of the $17,000 earned through the NFT was donated to a non-profit organization called Gurls Talk. The organization helps young women share times of distress and challenging issues.

4. First Ever Tweet – Jack Dorsey

While the Twitter of today is the online equivalent of London Square, used for various social and political controversies, it was a mere concept in the mind of Jack Dorsey back in 2006. Dorsey made his first tweet in 2006 – “just setting up my twttr” – a time when nobody knew what the future would hold.

Today, 15 years after that first tweet, Jack Dorsey has converted it into his personal NFT. While the message is relatively plain and unimpressive, the NFT sold for a massive $2.9 million. And Dorsey declared that all earnings from the NFT would be turned to bitcoin to ease the plight of COVID-19 patients in Africa.

Are Celebrity NFTs Worth Investing?

When it comes to charitable causes such as those mentioned above, there’s not much to criticize. And for those interested in charitable causes, such celeb NFT undoubtedly offer much.

However, the future performance of these NFTs (as is the case with any other) cannot be accurately predicted. On the whole, one thing is for sure – the market is booming because celebrity NFTs alone raised $6.86 billion in January 2022!

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