Memorize Vocabulary, The Best Tips to Do It Fast

Memorize Vocabulary, The Best Tips to Do It Fast

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Grammar is an essential part of learning languages, but you won’t notice much progress in your learning if you don’t complement it with a good vocabulary. The best thing is to learn to memorize the language; it is something complex but essential; we want to help you achieve it, that is why we are going to give you the best tips to do it, and above that, it is in the fastest way.

Are you ready? Take notes and start memorizing all the vocabulary you need. Be patient and set realistic goals; with a bit of effort each day, you will see progress.

The below tips help you how to memorize vocabulary fast and a new language becomes easy to learn. 

Tips for Memorizing Vocabulary

The first of all the tips is to use memorization techniques; these are mental shortcuts that will help you remember words and concepts. You can create acronyms or create associations between different words and even use songs. At first, it may cost you a bit, but you will get practice as the days go by, and it will be straightforward.

  • Turn your study space or your workplace into a good learning environment. Use post-it notes to name the objects around you and buy magazines in another language; they help you practice subtitles.
  • Instead of making a list of words, make sentences with them; this will help you see how those words are used in day-to-day or everyday situations.
  • Real-life situations also help you memorize vocabulary. Movies, series, TV programs, songs, or books are essential to know the vast majority of the most used words.
  • Focus on learning the words that are useful for you, for your work, or your studies. The more practical terms are for you and the more they will help you continue learning and continue with your development, the easier it will be to know them.
  • Finally, repeat the words repeatedly, not just the ones you are learning at the time, but the ones you have already memorized so that you can review them and not forget them. In this way, you will remember them better, and they will come to mind at the most opportune moment of the conversation. is one where one can get help on how to improve spelling mistakes.

Why Do We Forget the Words We Learn?

If we do not use this word actively, it is forgotten very quickly. Here is the so-called forgetting curve to show you how fast our brain eliminates the information it does not need.

How to Learn Words Quickly: Essential Tips

To begin with, I will tell you that you do not need that much vocabulary to be able to communicate. In fact, according to statistics, an average speaker of any language uses about 350 words a day. These 350 words are used in 80% of everyday situations. Bearing this information in mind, we move on to the tips:

Tip 1 – Learn only relevant vocabulary that you are going to use shortly

When we learn a language with a manual (or in a group with other students), we all have to memorize the exact words that appear to us and that is a mistake! For this reason, I invite you to learn only vocabulary relevant to your life and circumstances at first. Don’t learn words; learn word combinations in the context. Try to learn the spelling of words.

This rule is essential. It is very ineffective to memorize single words.

Tip 2- What do you have to keep in mind?

First of all, because we think with ready-made lexical structures and not with single words, they come out on their own when we speak our mother tongue.

Second, if you memorize them, you can never be sure how they are used when speaking. So, for example, if you learn the word “work”, it is essential to memorize it along with the verbs with which it is often used: “have a good job”, “look for work”, “find work”. Or better, as I showed you in the previous point, directly memorize the relevant phrases for you: ” I love my job, it’s very interesting ” or ” I don’t like my job, I want to find another one, although I know it’s difficult to find one “. In the last sentence, for example, we have used the most frequent verbs associated with the word “


So, if you want to learn new language spelling quickly, it is best to start from basic and take the help of an instructor who can teach you the meaning of essential words. Also, take help of online books, read newspapers and watch movies of that language.

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