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Preventing Mould In Your Self-Storage Unit: The Lowdown

Home ImprovementPreventing Mould In Your Self-Storage Unit: The Lowdown

Read about how to prevent mould in your self-storage unit to keep your belongings in great shape.

Mould is a fungi that is completely natural. It occurs in any area without much airflow, and that is damp. This can be outdoors and indoors and on pretty much any surface. It spreads using spores and tends to grow because there is moisture present and a limit on sunlight which would help to dry it out.

The problem with mould is that it smells, it looks bad and it is able to do a lot of damage to your things. It can rot materials, stain materials and completely destroy items if left to fester.

With that in mind, it is clear why mould is definitely not something you want in your self-storage unit. So how do you prevent this ghoulish green/ black not so fun-gi from ruining your self-storage stuff?

Let’s take a look at the lowdown on preventing mould in your self-storage unit:

Select A Good Self Storage Facility

A really important step towards a mould-free inexpensive self-storage facility is to choose an excellent cheap self-storage facility. By doing this, you give yourself the best chance of a unit that is damp-free, climate controlled, pest-free and free from any moisture in the unit itself.


Any way that you can ventilate your low-cost self-storage unit is going to be helpful when it comes to keeping mould at bay. Regular visits, climate control and air vents within the unit are all helpful ways to keep the airflow going, drying out any moisture in there and avoiding any mould. When choosing between storage units St George Utah, make sure they have ventilation.

Add Moisture Collectors

You can add cheap and effective moisture collectors to your unit which will help to absorb any excess water in the air. They won’t fix a big issue with excess moisture, but they will go a little bit of the way to collecting extra moisture in the air. Silica gel bags and charcoal bags will also help collect moisture, especially around clothes.

Only Store Completely Dry Items

It is so important to ensure items you store are totally dry before they go into your unit. Pay special attention to camping gear you have taken straight from a trip to your unit, and to items transported in bad weather. Use kitchen roll and dry clothes to dry items off and if they need taking home and airing out, take the time to do that. It is worth a little airing out and effort rather than storing the items damp, and then coming back to them mouldy.

Check Your Things Regularly

The more you can do to prevent your things getting mouldy in your unit, the better. However, if mould does happen, the sooner you can find it the better. If you can check your things, and your unit regularly, you can avoid mould completely taking over. It’s all about damage control.

Your Self Storage Unit Can Be Mould Free

With our tips above and plenty of checking and maintenance when you visit your self-storage unit, you can keep your things free from the mould so they stay in great condition until it’s time to take them home again.

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