Money-saving ideas for printing practices in workplaces!

Money-saving ideas for printing practices in workplaces!

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Printing takes up a huge fraction of your company’s budget. Have you assessed those costs already? If not, you need to stop ignoring this key area, which has the potential to save you a lot of money. You may have separate devices for printing, copying, scanning, and faxes. All of these require maintenance, and there’s a high level of paper wastage as well. 

This article will present you with money-saving ideas that you can implement for your workplace. 

Four ideas which can reduce your company’s printing expenses

Printed documents are essential for the daily affairs of workplaces, no matter how accessible digital technologies get.  Thus while you cannot eliminate the usage of printing devices altogether, you can opt for those that are highly durable and offer efficiency in work at the same time. You can get in touch with a reputable company like Xerox Abu Dhabi for optimizing your company’s printing practices.

The money-saving ideas which can prove to be your budgetary saviors are as follows:

1. Documents printed on two sides

If your company consumes 1000 A4 sheets every month, you can reduce it half. How?  By printing the documents on both sides of the sheets. You can set the default print settings to double-sided printing. In this way, only those any special needs will make an exception and get documents with only one side printed.

You cannot compromise on the printing needs of your organization, but you can change your approach towards fulfilling those needs. Thus make use of both sides of the paper for printing the handouts and other documents.

2. Less energy consuming devices

Older printing machines are less efficient and consume more electricity than the modern ones. If you want to reduce the amount of electricity that the printing devices in your workplace consume, you will need to make a one-off investment.

In the wake of climate change, companies are introducing devices that consume less energy and perform more jobs. Buy the devices which are more efficient, work fast, promise durability, and help you reduce your electricity bills.

3. Highly efficient devices

With the advancement in technology, the printing industry has been going through rapid evolution. This evolution has resulted in increased ease for those who need to handle documents on a daily basis in their workplaces.

There are numerous Multi-function devices available in the market now. These let you scan, print, photocopy, and fax a document in one place. You do not need to have a separate device for each function. With all in one capability, you won’t need to spend a fortune for the maintenance of four separate devices.

4. Black and white printing

Black and white printing costs three times less than colored printing. There are many documents that can work just fine if you use monochrome printing. Only a select few documents need colors to elaborate on something.

Unless there’s an absolutely dire need of a multi-colored document, in case of a poster, brochure, or a standee for some event, your company can do well without it. If Black and white printing is your primary reliance, the costs of printing will fall significantly.  

Looking forward to reducing your printing budget?

Many companies do not realize how expansive their printing budgets are. If you have assessed the costs, you have already taken the first step towards reducing the undue burden on your budget. Now you must keep in mind the above-mentioned points for taking the next steps. 

You can order your devices with one of the reputable companies like Xerox Abu Dhabi for assistance in reducing expenses. The added advantage would be that you will have a revamped printing environment with sustainable printing practices.

Summarizing it for you: Wake up, think of the burden printing expenses put on your pocket as a business owner. Considering it, a burden is key. The next step is to assess the cost of that burden. Now asses the needs of your workplace. Now decide how many devices you need to have there. Order only the devices which assist you in reducing the costs. 

Now you can aim for better cost-effective practices like and white printing for default purposes and making use of both sides of printing paper in ordinary circumstances. That is all you need to achieve a significant reduction in the printing budget!

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