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What is the role of a PSM Certified in an Agile Environment?

BusinessWhat is the role of a PSM Certified in an Agile Environment?

Working in an Agile environment means that you’d have to adapt to the principles and values of the Agile Methodology. The purpose of an Agile Environment is very clear, that is to work together as a team and achieve the desired goals or project. But the job of a Scrum Master is very hard in an Agile Environment. There are a lot of things that he has to take care of. The burden that comes with this job is too much. So a PSM Certified has to be experienced enough to handle all this heat.

Unfortunately,  there are many PSM Certified professionals who are unaware of the majority of their roles. Some even try to do the job that they shouldn’t be doing. All of this is because they are not clearly briefed about their roles and responsibilities. In order to validate one’s Scrum Framework skills, Scrum.org provides PSM (Professional Scrum Master) Certification. For anyone preparing for PSM 1 Certification, here are PSM Certification Dumps that provide a good simulation of the real PSM Certification Exam and improve your skills for achieving certification in a new attempt.

So let us talk about some of the roles of a Certified Scrum Master in order to get an idea about what happens when you become a Certified PSM associate.

Role of a Scrum Master:

The Scrum Master has to play his role in the following.

  • He has to play his part as the product owner, the Scrum Master and the team.
  • His role is to serve as a facilitator for both the product owner and the team.
  • Another role of a Scrum Master is to push his team members to do the work on their own without getting any instructions from the Scrum Master.
  • A Scrum Master has to surrender control to the product owner and the team member as well so that they can be less dependent on him.
  • The job of a Scrum Master is to remove any kind of obstacle that can prevent his team members to lose confidence in themselves and stop working. He has to make sure that there aren’t any impediments that can cause problems.
  • A Scrum Master has to make sure that each team of an organization is working together smoothly and there aren’t any conflicts between them that can disrupt the progress of the project. If a scum master fails to notice any such problem then he and his whole team have to face serious consequences like delay in completing the project, complaint from the client or poor performance. So a Scrum Master has to be very alert and make sure there isn’t any weakness or loophole in the team.
  • Another job of the Scrum Master is to educate the team members about the policies set by the Human Resource department so that they are very clear about the working policies right from the scratch and in this way any type of misconduct can be avoided.
  • A Scrum Master has to help the team members to become better by constantly guiding them for change but not pushing them hard. Because in that case, they’ll push back too which will not produce good results. So a Scrum Master has to promote transformation through invitation and illumination.


If a Scrum Master understands the above-mentioned roles that are a part of his job, then it would become a little easier for him to help his team members do a good job. Here we have to admit that, a Scrum Master is one of the important persons in an organization that has to take care of a lot of things. There are a lot of things that can’t be done without him. So if you are a PSM Certified professional then you must read this and know your roles so that you have a clear mind on what your roles and responsibilities are in the organization and become capable of doing all such roles properly. Because if you somehow manage to perform all your duties properly and make your team, work efficiently then it would only lead you and your organization to a higher rank.

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