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4 Fundamental Rules of Quality Presentation Folders

Art & Design4 Fundamental Rules of Quality Presentation Folders

Quality is not an abstract concept; it is something you can visualize and touch. Hence, a high-quality product is not only physically apt, and you can easily feel the difference. Your business presentation folders provide a first glance or impression of your company. There is no way you can paint a good impression of your organization with cheap marketing materials.

When one is looking for presentation folders, high-quality deliverance of the piece frequently comes to mind. But finding flawless and professional-looking business folders is not as easy as it seems.

How can you tell if a folder is of high quality?

We can easily critique a book or a film, but there is not a lot out there to compare when it comes to presentation folders. On that point, here are some of the factors to look out for when getting a professional folder made.

1.Folder Stock

The material of the folder itself is an essential component that determines the overall look and durability of the professional folder. When you are choosing a folder stock, be sure to check its weight, thickness, and its overall feeling in hand. One easy tip to recognize stock quality is that a folder with thin stock will be flimsy and tend to droop when held in one hand.

A strong stock can hold itself better against gravity and tends to make a bold, professional impression. But beware of a folder stock that is too heavy as it tends to break when folded. Some of the stock qualities to look for are:

  • Intense colors
  • Excellent folding capabilities
  • Distinctive patterns
  • Eco-friendly

2.Printing quality

Printing is everything when it comes to a high-quality business presentation folder. A bad quality print means; use of poor ink quality, which leads to many visible flaws in the finished product. There are many inks out there in the market, but make sure to use good quality, environmentally friendly inks from reputable companies like Xerox Dubai based manufacturers. It will ensure that your print has crisp details and vibrant colors.

Before ordering in bulk, you should defiantly consider ordering a printing sample to ensure print’s quality. You can make the folder more visually appealing by using techniques of embossing and foil sampling. There are two options when it comes to folder printing:

  1. 4-Color Printing: This printing process is also known as CMYK, which utilizes four colors of inks, i.e., Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black/Key. This process blends the colors for printing and prints vibrant images but is expensive than the other option.
  2. Spot Color Printing: instead of blending inks during the printing process, spot printing transfers the desired color of ink directly onto the substrate.


The method of coating makes your professional folders more glossy and resistant to scratches. A good quality coating envelops the folder in a film that serves as a sealant, which increases the durability of your folder and enhances the texture, making it smoother. The coating also helps in protecting the ink in your folder from fading away.

Following are some of the types of coatings you can opt for your professional folders:

a) Aqueous

As the name suggests, this type of coating uses a water-based adhesive that protects the folder from scuffs, smudges, and fingerprints. It is long-lasting but is not water-resistant. Following are some of the aqueous coating styles to choose from:

  • Gloss/Shiny finish
  • Matte finish
  • Satin/Velvet finish
  • Soft-touch/ Suede finish

b) Lamination

In the process of lamination, a folder is enclosed between two films of plastic. It makes your folder last for an extended period. However, the process of lamination is time-consuming and more expensive. But with that extra price, you get high durability and water resistance. Lamination can be done in both a matte finish and a glossy finish. It is, however, not eco-friendly and recyclable. Many print companies like Xerox Dubai based manufacturers provide eco-friendly coating alternatives that are also cost-effective and recyclable.

c) Spot coating

Spot coating is trendy among the customer as it allows you to apply the coating material to specific areas of your choice. You can opt for a different coating for the rest of the folder and spot coating for texts, photos, and other graphics. You can get a matte finish for the folder and spot coating for certain elements in your design.


Glue for binding the folder should be picked with diligence based on specific stocks. If you use a bad quality of glue, then your folder will start to come apart after some time. Sometimes printers use too much glue that the front and back covers tend to stick together. Folders have to professionally glued together with a correct amount to prevent lifting of the corners.

Details matter!

Every little detail counts in the business world, where perfection is a commodity highly sought after. When you are assessing whether a presentation folder is of high-quality or not, just take a look at above mentioned individual elements that make up a folder.

Get creative and make a bold statement with your professional folders in the corporate world!

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