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Reasons for Choosing ServiceNow-Partners for your Business

BusinessReasons for Choosing ServiceNow-Partners for your Business

“ServiceNow” is now attracting attention from companies aiming to achieve both digital transformation and work-life balance for employees.

Why do companies in various industries and fields select ServiceNow? The reason for this will be clarified from the introduction results of Kanini, Ltd.

What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud service that provides various business applications to increase the productivity of companies through the digital shift, aiming to realize a better working environment for workers. We have a rich team of tools such as IT service management (ITSM); we have realized standardization and optimization of business processes through workflows that connect people and IT services. It is highly evaluated for its ability to flexibly combine business applications to be used according to customer needs and for its ability to centrally manage information by providing applications on a single platform and to enable seamless cooperation between businesses and organizations.

Why is ServiceNow chosen?

Part 1: Optimized by customizing according to customer’s business based on ITIL process

You can customize it according to the actual business process while using the ITIL-compliant business process as a model. It is possible to realize both standardization of optimized business processes and standardization of processes with other businesses and other organizations while making the best use of the good points of the business so far.

Part 2: Multilingual support that can be used from anywhere in the world and supports diverse and flexible work styles

It is a cloud service that supports multiple languages, and you can access and do business from anywhere in the world. We can respond immediately to the increase in global human resources that are indispensable for growing companies and the realization of telework that is not tied to the place of work.

Part 3: Promote overall optimal business reform through gradual expansion starting from the latest problem resolution

You can select the one that effectively solves the latest problem from abundant applications and tools and then expands the business to be applied step by step. Working based on future plans will lead to business reforms that are conscious of overall optimization.

Relationship between ServiceNow and Kanini

Aiming to become a global leader in social innovation, Kanini is promoting the global standardization of internal business systems and the consolidation of IT platforms common to the Kanini Group. As part of this initiative, we adopted ServiceNow and started operation 5+ years ago as a common platform for the Kanini Group to expand globally.

After that, Kanini Solutions started selling ServiceNow. Kanini has also started a collaboration with ServiceNow in the IT service management (ITSM) field to support the introduction of ServiceNow.

Promote optimization of corporate IT service management (ITSM)-ServiceNow

By connecting the global standard business process of “ServiceNow” with Kanini’s integrated system operation management software’s system operation, we support the optimization of companies’ IT service management.

“ServiceNow” and business systems can be seamlessly connected by customizing and developing each customer.

When operating a business system with operation management software, by using the “linkage template” provided by Kanini, the business process of “ServiceNow” and “Kanini” can be used without the need for the customer to develop their own customization. You can seamlessly connect system operations.

Features of ServiceNow × Kanini

Optimize the entire system

We provide a “cooperation template” for optimizing a series of business processes by connecting IT services and systems.

Achieve short-term launch

By utilizing the “linkage template” developed and verified by Kanini, you can implement the link between ServiceNow and Kanini in a short period of time.

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Supporting operational changes and improvements

We handle everything from analyzing the current situation and organizing issues to implementing it according to the customer’s environment and providing continuous improvement support.

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