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Reasons To Prefer Glasses Over Contact Lenses

LifestyleReasons To Prefer Glasses Over Contact Lenses

People wear glasses for various purposes, but the primary reason glasses were invented was to help people see well. To date, clear vision is the most significant cause of wearing them. Myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia can also be corrected by wearing them. Glasses have a long history, and history tells us that they were first created around 700 years ago. Contact lenses have not been around for so long, and it is very recent that they have become prevalent. They both serve the same purpose but are very different from each other. 

Contact lenses or glasses, it is primarily the matter of personal preferences as there is no right or wrong in choosing either. A person’s decision to wear any depends on his lifestyle, aesthetic, comfort, and budget. While some people think that wearing a contact lens requires extra care, so they prefer glasses. Some are of the view that since lens sits directly on eyeballs, hence give a better vision. The choice varies from person to person, but here we are listing down a few reasons for preferring glasses over lenses.

Straining of Eyes

Glasses are a better option for the people who spend more of their day in front of screens. These days many people work on a computer and are supposed to stare a screen for a prolonged duration, which causes strain and dryness in eyes. Although lubricant drops are used with contact lenses to fight dryness, they are not very effective. Moreover, they are supposed to be used frequently, which breaks down the flow of work. Special glasses are also available in the market, which has a protective layer that creates a shield between eyes and screen. Thus eyes do not get dry as quickly as they arrive with contact lenses.


Contact lens and glasses both come in different varieties. Their price varies as per the quality. However, contacts are needed to be replaced more often than glasses and hence end up costing more. If you have got astigmatic eyes, then lenses cost even more. A pair of good quality eyeglasses may be an expensive purchase, but they are durable and last much longer than a pair of good quality contact lenses. Besides, the glasses itself is enough, whereas the contact lens requires a kit and a solution, and the more you wear your lenses, the more solution you will need. 


Most of the opticians have an exchange policy for glasses, but they do not allow contacts to be exchanged. Some people like a particular thing when they are in-store and develop a negative feeling for it once they have purchased it. At times other people give suggestions that make them change their minds after buying a specific item. Having a margin of getting them exchanged or return comes as a blessing. 


People who wear lenses regularly are more prone to ophthalmological diseases than the people who prefer glasses. Lens demand proper maintenance, cleanliness, and care. People often fall behind in doing so, and keep on wearing unclean lenses. Eyes are susceptible organs of the body, and once bacteria enter an eye, it can cause various issues like redness of eyes or watery eyes. Many people are in the habit of rubbing eyes, and they are habitual of it that they do it unconsciously and unintentionally. Rubbing eyes while wearing lenses can lead to severe eye injuries. Glasses, on the other hand, do not cause as many allergies and are relatively safe.

Fashion Statement 

Glasses come in hundreds of frames, and the trend changes every season. People like the way they look in specific glasses and some wear them only for style. Besides, glasses have been associated with seriousness, intelligence, and introvert nature of people. People who want to give an impression of these traits opt for glasses and pick the right frame for themselves

We have seen numerous celebrities wearing a pair of glasses for certain characters because they feel the glasses give them the feel and look for that particular character. In a way, glasses become an extension of your personality. Glasses boost up a person’s style, and a pair that suits features gives an oomph factor to anyone’s fashion.


Taking off glasses is way simpler than pulling out a contact lens. Lenses can be a big hassle in freshening the makeup up. With glasses, all you have to do is to take the pair off and do your thing. Taking off lenses require a kit, mirror, and a bottle of lens solution. Even if someone is pro in wearing and taking lenses off, glasses still take lesser time. Another advantage of wearing glasses is that it hides uneven eyeliner or eyeshade, while lens makes it more prominent.

Improved eye health

Contact lenses sit on the eyeball and cover the cornea of the eye. This decreases the supply of oxygen, and while it may not cause any immediate reaction, it damages the functioning of the eyes in the long term. Hypoxia is another issue that is mainly caused because of wearing contact lenses. Redness in eyes, watery eyes, eye infection, discomfort, and blurry vision are various issues that can be somewhat prevented by preferring glasses over lenses. Ophthalmologists say that if eye infections are not taken seriously, it can lead to the loss of vision.


The battle of glasses versus lenses has been going on ever since lenses become widespread in the community; still, there is no clear winner. However, glasses are not only convenient to carry and wear, but they also do not require maintenance, whereas contact lenses get broken or damaged if they are not taken care of properly. Many people think that glasses may not suit them, but since there is a wide range of variety available, there must be some pairs that will enhance their features. Many celebrities wear glasses to give an aura of intelligence, introvert and make it as a style statement. The question of whether to wear glasses or go for contact lenses can exhaust anyone who does not have sufficient information. A better way out is to consult an ophthalmologist and get an insight into what works better for you.

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