5 Reasons You Need A Visitor Management System

5 Reasons You Need A Visitor Management System

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As we say, the only constant thing in the world is change itself, it holds the phenomena very real in all aspects, only until we see technology replacing every traditional way of thinking and delivering our everyday tasks.

From transportation to communication and whatnot, just look at things around yourself. Our city, homes and even offices aren’t the same anymore. It won’t be an exaggeration to say, everything has turned smart, thanks to technology. But at the same time, everything has its shortcomings too.

However, in the larger scheme of things, where our ecosystem is damaged significantly, there are few systems in place which have replaced the usage of paper, which positively affects the environment in the longer run. One of the significant contributions to our workplaces is known as the visitor management systems. But first, we need to know what it is, and how it helps us.

The visitor management system is a tracking system that tracks the usage of the site or a specific building, and it is often someone who enters your building or the office premises. It could be anyone, a delivery boy, a salesperson, an employee’s relative, a job applicant or a consultant, but most importantly, a person who is not a regular employee of the company. The use of technology to track visitors formally is known as the visitor management system.

The traditional visitor management system includes a sheet of paper that is kept on a clipboard whenever a visitor arrives. The staff on the front desk write down the names, the time of arrival and take the visitors sign and ask them the name of the person they want to meet, after this, they inform the host about the person’s arrival and that they are waiting for the host in the lobby. It isn’t an environment-friendly system nor the best of the best, but it does provide you the basics.

Let’s accept the fact that no company wants to look outdated or traditional, especially when it comes to technology, and every company focuses on innovation and modernism. You want to reflect on the world that you are on the cutting edge. Another reason the traditional system is costly because a company would not pay a receptionist just to serve their visitors. Today a digital visitor management system does the primary job of keeping the record of visitors in the visitor management system, but it also does many things which a pen and paper can’t do:

  • Keep a cloud-based visitor log
  • To identify the visitors, it takes photos
  • An issue ID card with a company logo
  • Accept parcels from different companies like FedEx, UPS, and many others.
  • Inform through SMS, Notification, and email when visitors arrive

Here are five reasons every company should need a visitors management system:

  • Communication

Communication and coordination among the surveillance team and other staff are essential to install a visitor management system that keeps track of visitors and prevents incidents in different departments. Furthermore, in the situation of evacuation, lockdown, active shooter, a visitor management system sends SMS or notification as a tool for mass communication to all employees and active visitors.

Communication of health and safety information is accessible through this system in a traditional safety system that would be difficult to provide safety information to each visitor, but with this digital system you can swiftly provide such information in less time, this is specifically important when a contractor visits your office they will get all the useful information on time. In case of any emergency, fire, or terrorist attack, it should be your priority to inform the relevant department about the person who is missing.

It is also useful in an emergency to keep track of the people who enter your premises and for investigation purposes. This can be done through a visitor management app or can install this kind of management system through a website such as a visitor management app that offers a complete range of safety and guidance related to the pricing, trial, features, and support for the visitor management system.

  • Data Protection

To keep your information private and confidential visitor management system is a must. You need to keep all the data private and safe, which is visiting your office or site. The chances of theft of traditional sign in sign out sheets are higher and also represents a chance for a breach in the protection of data.

  • Compliance

Compliance is a significant reason why a company needs a visitor management system because it is a requirement if your license for operation is lost, you would end up losing revenue, and your business operations might stop. If a banned person is trying to enter the office and your visitor management system is alert, or in case of a lawsuit and you need to trace back the person, the system is crucial for remaining compliant with rules and government regulation.

  • Reduced Cost

Traditional visitor management systems might save the money for the company in the short run, but in the long term, it drains your profit. To ensure compliance, track the suspicious pattern and prevention of incidents contribute to reduced cost. Reducing the number of compliance risks, several events, and lawsuits can considerably boost the company’s ROI.

  • Improve Credibility as an Institution

A visitor management system will convey the message of professionalism to the visitors or whoever enters into your office or site. It ensures that the company is concerned about the health and safety issues of visitors, ultimately creating credibility for the brand and the investors. This kind of information provision creates a positive image among visitors and creates goodwill that will help to improve the safety and security of the company. Ensuring with the compliance requirement of the government that helps in maintaining an accurate database of visitors and keeping track of frequent visitors and clients.


An overall visitor management system helps in maintaining data of visitors securely, which has some significant advantages compared to the traditional visitor management system. The prominent features include a cloud log for visitors, take pictures, issue ID cards and inform through SMS While these are not the features that are present in the traditional system as it is simply based on keeping a record on paper.

It increases the credibility among the investors and visitors and improves communication and coordination among different departments.

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