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5 Reasons To Replace Your Stock Standard Website With A Sales Funnel

Technology5 Reasons To Replace Your Stock Standard Website With A Sales Funnel

Click funnels is a ground floor for a new marketing trend that has been started to take shape. So many marketing pros and companies say that you need a standard stock website, but in reality, no matter how well designed your website is, but it is probably hurting your conversions and driving away a ton of your potential leads.

Reading this will probably just spit your coffee. Is it possible that websites can hurt your conversions rate? There are many companies around that are pushing you to purchase hosting and setup of the website, but actually, all you need is a sales funnel. Using the sales funnel will surely take your brand to the next level.

In this article, we will give you all the five reasons which will persuade you to replace your stock standard website with a sales funnel.

1. Website is not conversion-focused:

The website is not at all conversion-focused, but on the other side, a sales funnel is a journey about conversion. We can say it a complicated journey, but no single website is equipped to address your audience’s context-sensitive needs. But on the other side, using a sales funnel will put your audience into a step-by-step progression. Sales funnel to guide the audience with their needs in the minds and filters them to the location they are searching for. Moreover, it also unites them by providing real solutions.

There is no end goal in mind while using the websites, but on the other side, you keep on converting the destination every single time using the sales funnel. The other positive point is that the sales funnel for data-driven.

2. The website has too many Calls-to-Action:

Whenever some user enters the website, they are bombarded with different call to action, which is our conversions’ backbone. But when you come towards the sale funnels, it cuts the layers of the overlapping calls to action. The sales funnel provides the audience with an ordered way and one call to action at a time. The other important thing is that the call to action is aimed at you when you use a sales funnel. Moreover, using a sales funnel is fun, and it feels good as they are not static and are moving forward, progressing, and enjoying the momentum.

3. Websites majority content is Untrackable:

This is also an essential reason. While using a website, you will notice that your website is not even tracking anything, but when it comes down to the sales funnel, none of it is trackable at all, as they are completely built on track.

Sales funnels are remarkably nimble; unlike the websites, you have to go through a time-consuming project. Using a sales funnel, you can focus on your audience, but you tend to feel confused, lost and open bored if you use a website.

4. Websites are hard to change:

If you are not a good developer or a designer, it will be tough for you to change the websites. But while using a sales funnel, you will discover that you can almost do whatever you like with your funnel without doing any complex coding.

Moreover, you need not spend out tons of money, and you can have an A/B test while using a sales funnel. While on the other hand, a good developer or designer costs too much, and projects are also not very quick. You can learn more about sales funnels at the Sarkis-Web Design. The fantastic thing is that you can also skip the lengthy interviews for your sales funnel.

5. The website cannot build a list of prospects:

In marketing, we need to convert as many potential leads as possible. You cannot build a list of prospects while using a website but on the other hand, in a sales funnel, you start by viewing your potential leads as prospects. Moreover, your sales funnel can also collect info and amazingly builds the prospects. You can easily learn about your leads, desire, values, and plenty more. You can seize almost every opportunity by using a sales funnel.

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