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Seating Arrangement Ideas for Your Next Meeting

BusinessSeating Arrangement Ideas for Your Next Meeting

The seating arrangement is often one of the most neglected points in business meetings when it should be given due importance and thought. Incorporate societies like the United Arab Emirates, the success and progress of any organization depend on the productivity of the business meetings. On the other hand, business meetings can only be more productive if the attendees can converse and interact freely.

The seating arrangement is one of the most crucial aspects that allow or limit the comfortable interaction of the attendees of a corporate or non-corporate meeting. You can have a good meeting in any kind of setting till you have the right content. On the other hand, if you pay a little more attention to your seating arrangement, you can make the same meeting more productive and fruitful for your organization.

Explore this article in detail to find the seating arrangement ideas for your next meeting and ensure its success.

Top 7 Seating Styles to Use in Your Next Meeting

The corporate meetings often cause nervousness to the attendees. However, they need to overcome the nervousness and deliver their agenda successfully. That is possible through proper communication and interaction. However, the seating arrangement of the meeting room is an important aspect that can limit communication and comfortable interaction. This minor detail that does not seem to matter can completely change the atmosphere of the meeting.

Here are the top seating styles you can use in your next meeting to make the atmosphere more comfortable and productive.

1. Theatre Style Seating Arrangement

The theatre-style seating arrangement is similar to the one arranged in movie theatres. The seats are arranged in long rows after rows. The seats face a central stage. Such type of seating style arrangement is suitable for:

  • Annual meetings
  • Product launches
  • In-service meetings

However, at times the meeting rooms of the business organization do not have enough space to implement this seating style. Then, the organizations contact meeting room Dubai based rentals to ensure access to spacious rooms at ideal locations to use the perfect seating style in their meeting.

2. Classroom Style Seating Arrangement

The classroom-style seating arrangement in the meetings is similar to the seating arrangement in the traditional classrooms. It includes rows after rows of benches or chairs that also have desks in front of them. Classroom style seating arrangement is used in the following type of meetings:

  • Lectures
  • Info sessions
  • Seminars
  • Conferences

3. U-Shaped Seating Arrangement

The U-shaped seating arrangement is the style that follows the shape of the alphabet U. Seats are arranged in the shape of a U, which has one end open. At times, tables are included in front of the seats, while at other times, tables are not included. Such a seating arrangement is ideal for the following type of meetings:

  • Presentations
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Meetings that require increased interaction

4. Hollow Square Style Seating Arrangement

Hallow square style seating arrangement is one of the most common styles used in the business meetings of the organization level. The name shed light on the arrangement perfectly. The seats are arranged along with the tables in the style of a square. The attendees are directly facing each other, which increases interaction. The style is suitable for the following type of meetings.

  • Round-table discussions
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Lunch meetings
  • Sales meetings

5. Boardroom Style Seating Arrangement

Boardroom style seating arrangement is one of the most used styles in corporate meetings. This style includes seats along with two long rectangular tables. Attendees are usually facing each other, while the head sits on the one side between the two tables, while the other side is kept empty. This type of seating style is suitable for:

  • Small meetings
  • Interviews
  • Briefings
  • Small-scale presentations

6. Banquet Style Seating Arrangement

The banquet style seating arrangement is another common type of arrangement used in corporate meetings. Banquet style seating arrangement is the one in which four to five chairs are arranged around round tables, and the whole room includes multiple such tables. This type of arrangement is ideal for the following:

  • Gala luncheons or dinner meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Team building meeting

7. Cocktail Style Arrangement

The cocktail-style arrangement is a unique arrangement often used in the meetings. This is not a seating style as it does not include seats or sitting space. Such an arrangement includes long and round tables around which people can stand. Such an arrangement is suitable for:

  • Info sessions
  • Networking meetings
  • Team building meetings

Cocktail style arrangement requires a spacious floor, which your office building might not have. You can also look for rental spaces to ensure proper arrangement. Get in touch with meeting room Dubai based service providers to explore the best options for your next meeting that require cocktail-style arrangement and ensure its productivity.

Pick the best style according to the type of your meeting!

Considering the type of your meeting is crucial to pick the best-suited style. It will not only improve the communication, interaction, productivity, and comfort level of the attendees but will surely elevate the atmosphere. However, you also have to consider the floor space to implement the best seating style. Do not compromise with your limited meeting room space but explore rental meeting rooms to add a professional touch to your important meetings.

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