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Top 3 Strategies for outsourcing software development

TechnologyTop 3 Strategies for outsourcing software development

Are you planning of building an application for your business? Do you want to take an edge over your competitors with an amazing software? Before choosing an advanced software development company, you need to know three strategies about the outsourcing of software development.

Identify what business function to outsource

When you want to outsource you simply don’t jump into the risk, you will likely fail in your strategy. You need to carefully assess your business functions and decide what functions you need to outsource.

For example, you might need to outsource any of the following business functions.

Application development – This is the process which involves developing a new application, system architecture design, basic coding, quality assurance, and additional features within an existing application. The requirements for the application are provided by the client while the service provider builds the system in accordance with the requirements provided by the client.

System integration – This is the process of connecting an existing application or physical and virtual components to create a unified system. The main objective of the process is to achieve certain functionality.

Database management – In database management, the service provider organizes and maintains data processes.

The function you want to outsource determines your outsource partner based on their expertise. For example, if you want to outsource application development then your outsource partner will be expert in advanced software development.

Identify your offshore model

Software development outsourcing process is not as simple as you might think. Once you have selected a business function to outsource, the next step will be selecting an offshore model that will suit your needs.

Onsite model – If you choose the onsite model, then skilled developers from the partner company will sit in your office and communicate directly with you. They will work just like your employees. It will be a lot easier for you to implement different changes.

Offsite model – The service provider will not work within your premises. They will work from their own office yet they will be located near you.

Offshore model – In the offshore business model, your outsourcing partner is located outside your country. You have to provide detailed documentation and requirements in order to get your work done. The personal interaction is very unlikely and the main communication channels are emails, phone calls, and video calls.

You can choose any of these outsourcing models based on your business needs.

Familiarizing the offshore outsourcing formula

Outsourcing of software development is not a straight forward process as many people might think. It requires a lot of research and homework. Offshore outsourcing is the best option in many ways as it opens the doors to new talent and skills. The cost saving is the biggest advantage of offshore outsourcing.

If you know any other outsourcing tricks and tips then do let us know in the comments section below.

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