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What Are The Different Types of Gas Detectors?

BusinessWhat Are The Different Types of Gas Detectors?

Leakage of combustible and toxic gases, in addition to oxygen depletion, has caused numerous accidents in various industries across the globe. During these accidents, not only the workers lost their lives, but serious harm was caused to property and resources too. One of the greatest losses in such accidents is the addition of pollution into the atmosphere. Having a gas detector can save precious human lives, as well as the atmosphere.

What is a Gas Detector?

A gas detector is a device that can detect the presence of various types of life-threatening gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, chlorine, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, and many others in a room or certain setting. It usually has an alarm system that can aware the authorities of the hazard and helps them take the necessary actions to minimize danger.

Why is Gas Detector Important?

In industries like oil refineries, semi conduction, boiler rooms, plants, and energy-related fields, the workforce is always surrounded by numerous gases that can take their life in any mishap. Minor depletion can lead to numerous underlying health issues too. So, having a gas detector can ensure a safe and sound working atmosphere for everyone.

Let’s get into the details of their article and explore a comprehensive guide about the type of gas detectors.

Top 7 Types of Gas Detectors You Should Know About

Every industry does not produce or workaround every type of hazardous gas. Some deal with combustible gases, while others deal with toxic gases. Some also deal with oxygen which becomes life-threatening under certain circumstances. So, using a suitable detecting device that can help you identify all the hazardous gases is critical. However, it is not possible without knowing the types of detecting device.

Here are some of the major types of gas detectors you should know about to ensure the safety of your plant, workers, and resources.

1. Electrochemical Sensors

The electrochemical sensors or gas detectors are used to detect toxic gases and oxygen. This type works by measuring the density or concentration of target gas by reducing or oxidizing it and using the electrode to measure electric current output result. The industries dealing with gases prefer to hire the service of gas detector Dubai based companies to get the perfect device and ensure the safety of their plant.

2. Catalytic Sensors

A catalytic sensor is the second type you should be aware of. It is mainly used to detect combustible gases like methane, hydrogen, and propane, etc. this detector works by oxidizing a combustible gas and converting temperature change into an electric signal. It is quite effective in detecting combustible gases.

3. Infrared Sensors

The third type is the infrared sensor which is used to detect carbon dioxide and other combustible gases. It is different from the catalytic detector in the way that instead of an electric signal, the infrared sensor works through absorbing infrared light via an air sample. This type is also quite effective and reliable.

4. Photoionization Sensors

Photoionization sensor is a different type of detector, which detects toxic gases and volatile organic vapors. It works by breaking gas molecules into negative and positive ions and using a detector to measure the electrical charge of ions. It measures the number of vapors and gas in the ions, which makes the situation clear.

5. Semiconductor Gas Detectors

Another type you should know about is the semiconductor gas detector. It can detect various types of gases like ammonia, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, and many more. When the gas comes in contact with the sensor, a chemical reaction takes place, with the help of which gas leakage or depletion is detected.

6. Portable Gas Detectors

One of the most effective and used type is the portable gas detector. As the name suggests, this type of detector is portable, so it can be taken anywhere, like the farthest corners of the plant, to check the presence of hazardous gases in the atmosphere. These detectors also help in the detection of oxygen deficiency that can otherwise prove life-threatening.

7. Fixed Gas Detectors

Fixed gas detectors are the opposite of portable detectors, as they are fixed in a specific place in the plant or boiler room etc. these devices aware the authorities of hazardous gases through sound alarm systems. The device alert the authorities when the leakage is minimum and can be controlled. You can also contact gas detector companies to get it installed at your plant and stay safe from unfortunate incidents.

Contact experts to pick suitable gas detectors!

If you are unsure about which detector is suitable for your industrial plant or boiler room, do not pick any according to your assumption, as it can cause a serious threat. Contact the experts now to assess the situation and pick the most suitable one that limits the danger in your atmosphere.

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